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Bailey is in Oregon

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This is about how it happened. Edie called and said "Buy me a bottle of Jamaican Rum. I'm tired". So, I went to the liquor store and stumbled my way around to remember what she had at the coast. I got it right!!! She arrived, Bailey barking at the door, met HER dog, and it was love at first sight. She had a drink or two on the outside porch and relaxed after her trip and changed from Oregon clothes to Idaho clothes- LOL.


I thought Edie and Bailey should bond. So, as Edie sipped her cocktail on the porch, Bailey fetched and we put Usher up. I stayed my distance and let them play. Then it was time to train. She switched to Ice Water. I took Bailey out on a walk and she followed. I showed her how it "should" be done. Bailey heeled perfectly and sat at every stop- a perfect sit ( I know this is going to be ruined, but a sit is all Edie needs) I showed her the hand signals, the commands, etc... Let HER take her and followed behind, giving EDIE the "oops" commands- LOL. After we mastered the obedience-ok, took a couple days.


Friday night was filled with my oldest son and his children over- fireworks- Bailey freaks, Usher sat out and watched them. Strange. We couldn't train.


Sat. morning, we got up early and hit up some dog stores, got Bailey her regular food and found out where Edie could get it in her area, she also got the Lipoderm (SP) fish oil with vitamin E. She purchased a short leash for working a "in the store dog" and spent a lot of money. We went to about 4 stores, D&B, a farm store, Petsmart, Lowe's, anything that would let dogs in and I let Edie work Bailey with a basket and without, watching down the aisles like I was going to steal something- LOL. I had to give Edie the signals to tell Bailey to sit when she stopped. She forgot. She'll learn.


Sunday morning- Time for Edie to leave, Something strange happened. Her hearing aids were low. Bailey "pawed" at the high pitched sound that I couldn't even hear. Edie checked her hearing aids and they were low.


Bailey made the trip to Oregon fine. She doesnt seem to miss me or Usher yet!!! Edie's son, who's 26 and did NOT want to move out AGAIN without his Mom taken care of. Feels safe now. Edie has shown off Bailey to 6 people so as far as I have heard.


I'm still crying. When I hear from her, I feel great......when I pull into my garage, I cry. When I did rescue before, they were outside and NOT in my home.


Oh BTW- Edie gave me a big hug and said "This is the biggest gift anyone has ever given me" I sure hope I don't runin her.

I hope you don't either Edie. I love you.



Sat. evening, my youngest son had to come over for fried chicken, potato salad, chips and watermelon and chocolate cake and a swim and visit with Edie. I let Edie command Bailey the whole night, only giving friendly reminders and taught her one more command- leave it, when I dropped a tiny piece of chicken- she was amazed- this is what happens with people that don't have trained dogs- LOL.


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Wow - well done to you. What a big and beautiful thing you've done. That will be life-changing for Edie. And it's so good that you had some time to see them together, and help Edie and Bailey get started together on their new journey.

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You've just done an amazing thing for Edie, so I hope that helps dry your tears. It's nice that you got to spend some time with both Edie and Bailey to see them off properly, and also to let go of Bailey slowly. It'll get easier, I promise! Every time you hear about how helpful Bailey is for Edie, you'll know why you had to let her go.


All the best, go hug Usher!

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Thank you-

The tears dry as I hear the remakes from her friends and neighbors. She LOVES this dog!!! I did, too. Another one waits in the wings. That's how it happens. Usher & I went on a walk and the neighbors were so amazed. I can't believe it that a simple sit when you stop and a well behaved dog will get "applause's" from neighbors.

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Only to "tear up my eyes" Edie hugged me and thanked me for the greatest gift of all. :rolleyes:

I will NEVER do rescue in my home again!!! Outside is fine, but this was rough.

P.S. going to give Edie this site, hope she gets some good info- don't be too tough on her!!! She is NOT breeding - don't know what her sign on will be, but be gentle. LOL.


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You did great with both of them. It sounds like she has a way to come to really understand how important it is to keep up on training, but I'm sure she'll catch on quick. It sounds like Bailey fit in with her great. You know that Bailey will always remember you and never forget the time you got to spend with her. It is rough when you have a rescue dog in your house, but I think it helps them get ready for their new homes. After almost four months I still think about the pup I fostered, and still miss her. Even though I get to see her every so often. Great job!

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I just called Edie. Forgot it's only 6:45 there. LOL. Her alarm didn't go off. I asked if she set it, she said "No" so we can't blame Bailey on that one. I asked if she alerted her when the phone rang, she said "Well, she barked, which woke me up, because the phone didn't, but she didn't get out of bed" What? what is she doing in bed?

Edie said she slept on the floor, but when she got up to go to the bathroom, Bailey climbed on the bed- a no-no. Then Bailey gets too lazy to go get Edie, because Edie is right there. So, my "training with Edie" will continue via the phone and e-mail. LOL. I sure miss the old gal. Both of them!!!!

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