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He is glaring at me balefully!

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My Kali is a 14-year-old farm-born Border Collie who conned his way into a life of pet-hood.


The other night, when we were feeding him, and he had his tail up, we noticed that his ass didn't look quite right (not that we make a huge habit of inspecting it, you realize ! :rolleyes:


Anyway, off he went to the vet, who diagnosed two cysts, one atop the other, in the small area between his anus and the base of his tail, so he was booked in for a small op. The vet did some extra reading-up before tackling the problem, and found that these cysts are testosterone-driven, and that a second removal op would not be possible if they came back.


So, the poor lad has been castrated, as well. I really get the feeling that he is staring at me from his bed, as if saying "You &%$$£@&%! Why did you do THAT to me?" ("To help you live longer, pal!" doesn't seem to cut it :D )


Mind you, at 14, he should really be past all that nonsense, and besides, when he did get "an offer" from a willing bitch, he didn't know what to do!


I'm sorry, my old friend, it was done for the best of reasons...............



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"Hmmmmm, you're doing that thing with the clicky-box again"




That's one of the best "dubious" looks I've ever seen!


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Hi Snorri - nice to 'see' you - and Kali - and good to hear his recovery is going well - even if he is still sulking :rolleyes: . I remember when my first boy Sam was neutered, he lay on the sofa for a week, with his paw metaphorically across his forehead, in the manner of the old black and white cinema tragic heroines. They can really act when they want to, can't they.

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