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Speaking of Crates

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Yesterday I was working with Dean at the training building and I needed to pop him into a crate for a minute while I helped someone with something. He loves going over to the big crate in the corner, so I pointed to it, said "go crate crate" and dropped his leash.


He immediately made a beeline for it, but then stopped, walked over to another crate right near it, and waited nicely by the crate door for me to open it to let him it.


The trouble was that the crate he had chosen was super tiny! He might have fit in a crate that size when he was 8 weeks old, but . . . well, not now by a long shot!


I wish I had a camera because you could tell by the look on his face that he clearly expected me to open that door and that he was planning to try to dash right in there! It was really cute.


Of course, he ended up in the big crate!

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Sounds familiar...




she shouldn't be able to fit in here, it's my cat's crate :rolleyes:

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That's so funny. I can see him trying to get in there! You should have opened it, maybe he knew he could fit? You never know what they'll do next.


GH Paintgrl, That picture made me laugh. She's so cute in there :rolleyes:

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GH Paintgrl, That picture made me laugh. She's so cute in there :rolleyes:


I have some pictures of the cat coming up on this scene, with a "WTF?!" look on her face- she got up on top of the crate and was trying to bat Jade out. Jade just thought it was fun. :D

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wanted to share the interactions with the cat...







"omg where did that devil cat go?!! I can't see her anywhere..." (the cat, Lacey, looks possessed here... probably not far from the truth...)







Someday I'll learn how to use Flickr...

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