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question for groomers

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I took Kit to the groomer earlier this week to bathe, and brush her out--she had no mats. Yesterday as I was running my hands through her soft and thinnned out coat I found several hive type bumps, but they were isolated along her back, neck and upper sides.


Today they appear to be tiny punctures with scabs on them. She hasn't been itching or showing any signs of insect infestation. These are confined to areas where her hair is longer, along and on either side of her spine. I thought this could be an allergic reaction (although I tend to doubt it because there aren't any lower on her sides or her belly). Could this be the result of a grooming tool that may have been used to strip her coat?

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This has happened to my dog also, Nancy, in the exact same area. My vet decided that he had had an allergic reaction to the shampoo so the next time I went, I asked for a hypoallergenic shampoo and he has not had the problem again. However, maybe it's not that simple and the groomers will have a better explanation.

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Hi Nancy. Sorry to hear about your dog, but I cant think of a single hand tool that could have done what you describe. However what I can imagine might have happened, is that they used a heating cage dryer on her, and it burned her. Some times a dog will curl up in the crate, and the dryer will be left on a high setting for faster drying for to long, and for some odd reason some dogs wont move away from the heat or bark to signal that their hot to the groomer and suffer a burn from one. The place you describe it being sounds pretty in line with the way the hot air would have flowed over her body in just those areas. I dont use heated dryers, I use fans and hand fluff dry, but Ive worked in shops that do use heat, and have seen simalar to what you are describing. Not much you can do about it, but keep a eye on it. The hives you describe, were probably what occured beforen the accual blister formed, then scabs formed after the blisters burst. Thats about the best I can think of without seeing it. Hope it helps.

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