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Border Collie makes cover

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Ive looked a good bit so far, and have come up empty for now, but Im not giving up just yet, theres lots more ground to cover. Maybe its just not quite time here yet?

Ironhorse, how many pounds did that good nosed dog of your find this year?

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I know of ppl still finding good amounts in NC,so your season isn't over yet.

ThunderBolt finds 3 out of the 4 that I pick,this was his best year,,,we all have our own unique sound that we hollar out when the gang is all spread out in the woods along the river and one of us finds a honey hole,but ThunderBolt has the best mushroom howl of any of us,lol.

When he's on some he makes the strangest howl I've ever heard and he only uses it when he finds mushrooms.

Him and I went out to the back woods this afternoon and found about 3 gallons of fresh big yellows all around a Lightning struck old growth cottonwood.

TBolt has more then covered the cost of dogfood for the next year with what he's found,,a friend who owns a restaurant has been buying my surplus for $30 a lb.

I wish I could get one of the girls to pick up on the skill but so far TBolt is the only dog I've ever seen that seriously hunts them.

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Ive been in some pretty thick areas recently, and am thinking i need to get back into the more sunny areas.

I havent forgotten their beauty and really want to find some just to see them, more than to pick them. But if I do finally find some, Im sure going to try them for sure

Thunderbolt sounds like he's a keeper, Id love to hear his mushroom howl!

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