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is there any special way i should do this? i've done it before when i was 14 with a Bichon. this is different....my BC is not the typical of the breed. she just wants to be a house pet, which is why the family didnt keep her: she didnt want to herd.


so should i start with some treats for listening?


**edit** sorry! i just saw the other section for obedience training! seems i put this in the wrong area.

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This post will probably get moved, but . . .


Wow, such a broad question! Training a border collie is not really any different than training any other breed of dog (except maybe faster!) and there are many, many different training methods out there and many, many different opinions on them. You also have to take the individual needs of your dog into account. If you're not sure where to start, I would get into a basic obedience class--that way you will have the instructor to guide you along. Otherwise, there are tons of good books on the topic.


I train with treats. Others on these boards do not. It's really up to you. If you have specific questions on how to teach particular things, I'm sure you will find plenty of advice here.

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I train with treats also and slowly take them away. It is pretty much a very wide question. I always start with a group class. You don't learn much, if you have already done this before, but it's great socialization for your dog and gives you other options on training. I had no idea about the clicker until I took a group class and I've been doing obedience for years.

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