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  1. i know it's been a while since i was on, but much has happened personally LOL i just wanted to say thanks again for all the advice and put up some new pics. Tifa is now going #2 outside, runs off lead without issue, and seems generally happy ^^^^this is how small she is! today i saw a 6 mo old male and his head was bigger than hers LOL
  2. so freakin adorable!!!! makes me wish i'd gotten Tifa as a pup
  3. congratulations!!!! that's wonderful!
  4. yes we just got her a little over 2 wks ago. i dont know if they played with her or not at the farm where i got her. she does like going out for her walks, and she loves chewing her bones. other than that, nada....there was one night she seemed a bit frisky and went after a tennis ball, but only that one night.
  5. Tifa is totally uninterested in playing. anything. at all............she just lays on the floor. she'll chew her bones if we give her one. but that's it. i've tried getting her to go after a tennis ball, maybe tug-o-war with a booda rope, even bought her one of those wooly baby looking things........nothing. even slightly blowing in her face which normally drives dogs nuts.....no reaction. any suggestions? i mean, she's only a year old shouldn't she wanna play?
  6. http://wjz.com/slideshows/Smartest.Dumbest...779.html?rid=21 local station here lists smartest & dumbest dogs ... idk what its according to, but cheers to our breed!!!!
  7. hello again! just a quick update on our girl Tifa. She's doing beautifully getting on a schedule with us. i have noticed that she's not really a chewer, and as long as she is given a bone or something when she DOES want to chew she's fine; otherwise watch your slippers & flashlights LOL
  8. thanks everyone! i am also surprised there have been few accidents, for the most part she's going outside....and we made more progress last night! my girls said they would help with training Tifa. so when kayla goes to bed, i'm about passed out on the couch...she gets Tifa to go upstairs with them in their room to sleep. at first i was objecting, but i pass out again on the couch & wake up around 1030p. i resign myself that i need to go to bed, but first to take the dog out. so i whistle for her..i can hear her but she's not coming.....turns out kayla had closed the door. interesting....n
  9. someone is home with her all the time. today she was out from 730am til 10am when she came back in the house and took a crap in the middle of the floor! i was told she was housebroken. she's outside with my father in law almost all day in the backyard. she'll pee in the yard, she just wont poo. i dont know what to do we've only had her a week, and i understand there's an adjustment period....and that she was on the farm. but it's so frustrating being told an animal is housebroken only to find out she's poopin on my floor....
  10. if they dont have to pass a new law, then by all means don't. it is the responsibility of every owner to make sure very little distracting them in the vehicle. if a pet is doing this and a cop sees it and feels it necessary, then IMHO they should be at least given a warning. but people are still going to do what they want, and screw everyone else in the process. it's the same old thing all the time....it only takes one to ruin it for everyone
  11. i would just use some Frontline if you can get it. but use the old "soap on a cotton ball" trick to get a tick off if you get one!
  12. if the animal is going to be in the vehicle, dog or cat, it should at least be in its own seat. my mom used to have a special kennel to keep our dog in for car trips. that way she knew he was safe and also not running around in the car. while some dogs behave in a vehicle there are many that dont. so, perhaps a better law would be to have a doggie belt strap/restraint (i have seen them i know they make them) or required to put the animal in a kennel/carrier of sorts. i agree with Krambambuli in that you wouldn't want your child on your lap going 70mph, and the law is that a child must be
  13. welcome to the board! i love her eyes she's very cute!
  14. oh yeah....apparently she's yelled at my 7 yr old daughter about her lawn as well. Kayla told me this as we were walking away from the woman. she said she hardly had her toe in the yard
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