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Applauding the Border Collie

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Just something I feel I have to say. My BC is my best friend. I have had Norwegian Elkhounds and German Shepherds and loved them all. Having Alex is like nothing I have ever experienced. I thank God every day for her. We've had issues (aggression), but I wouldn't trade her for anything. The connection is just incredible. And the amazing part is you just can't put it into words.

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I agree with you Esox.

I met another bc owner yesterday who stopped to chat and said how be-oo-tiful Skye was; she asked how old, if she was pure, stuff like that. I said that she was my second bc (in fact, my second dog) and that after my first, Riley, it was "Border Collie or Bust!". She said she felt the same way! She was enamored of bcs as well and said there was no going back :rolleyes:


I've always said that they're just really smart people with a lot of fur on their faces.


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