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Okay, awhile back I posted that I was going to implement a new policy re what could be posted in this forum, and that basically it would do away with posts about dogs in shelters that the poster had seen on petfinder or heard about through an email or otherwise had no direct contact with.


Well, I found I couldn't quite bring myself to do that, because of the people who posted that they had gotten their dog from posts like that. If those listings are doing some good, it's hard to eliminate them.


So I'm trying a different tack. When you come into the Rescue Resources and Dogs for Adoption (RR&DfA) forum now, you will see a new sub-forum at the very top, called Dogs in Shelters. That sub-forum is for posting dogs in need of rescue who do NOT fall into one of the categories of what's appropriate for posting in the main RR&DfA forum. The categories of what IS appropriate for posting in the main RR&DfA forum are:


1. Rescue resources, and referrals to rescue resources. (This would include links to your rescue site.)


2. Posting of dogs in your rescue or being fostered by you who are currently being offered for adoption (put location in header).


3. Posting of dogs in shelters that you have had actual contact with, know are currently available, and can recommend for adoption (put location in header; avoid emotional appeals).


4. Requests for help with transport and offers of help with transport.


5. Rescue-to-rescue appeals for resources other than transport.


6. Posts from people looking to adopt a dog, or offering to foster.


7. In response to specific posts seeking to adopt a dog, links to dogs in shelters near that poster.


Posts made to the Dogs in Shelters sub-forum will not be included in "View New Posts." Posts made to the RR&DfA forum will be included in "View New Posts."


Please post any questions or comments you may have about this new policy and new sub-forum to this thread. I will posting a version of this within the next day or two in the Announcements section at the top of the RR&DfA forum. This change in policy will not affect currently existing threads -- I will not be moving threads to the new sub-forum. But from now on, please post to the sub-forum if you're seeking help for a shelter dog you've not had direct contact with. Thanks.

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Eileen, I would suggest making this a sticky. I came and posted here without seeing this thread because it was already several threads down on the list. I believe that my posts were in the appropriate place, but I still missed seeing this thread, first. BTW, I think this is a god compromise.

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