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  1. Pistol doesn't MOVE unless he is told to by Faye, so he isn't even noticed. He lies still as a rock. LOL! We use the leash on new dogs to make sure they are following and interested in the sheep FIRST. Otherwise, there is the risk of a new dog injuring a sheep (I have seen that happen) or running around, and as Jessie said, doing nothing but eating sheep poop or just running off in other directions. This method works with a lot of dogs who are shy and new.
  2. Personally I would be pleased to hear from the person again. It would show me they are serious.
  3. I highly recommend Andrea Dugan's workbook, Holistic Dog Training, The Foundation. She is coming here to teach a seminar in Feb, and I am SO excited. She helped me work with Frodo's barking, by teaching him eye contact and focus. If you are interested, she gave me permission to print the book, and we sell it for $20. Proceeds go to Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue www.hullshaven.org
  4. Has anyone used a springback ball box? If so, what are your thoguhts/experiences? We are looking into purchasing new boxes, and would ike some feedback. One thing we would like is a quieter more efficient box...
  5. Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue portinthestorm@mts.net http://www.eccentrix.com/members/portinthestorm/ Location: Winnipeg Manitoba Distance willing to travel: 2.5 hours Vehicle: van or Station wagon Extra Crates: yes Pull from shelter: yes Hold overnight: possibly Times Available: random [transferred to database]
  6. Please contact me asap. portinthestorm@mts.net
  7. Hi all. New here. Fellow BC freak Looks like a busy place
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