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I loathe shopping. But yesterday, I found myself in a small market town with an excellent pet shop. They also had Millie, the sweetest BC cross I have seen for a long while. In fact, saying hello to Millie is what got me through the door in the first place.


Once inside, I fell for Millie's sales pitch and bought an expensive new dog bed for Rhiw. It's meant to mould itself around his frame in all sorts of therapeutic and soothing ways.


He's super sensitive to the way anything feels or moves and will nose-nudge things that wobble, such as the shovel in the coal bucket. Wobbly things seem to both attract and repel him. So he'll nudge the shovel. It wobbles. He leaps back with a look of alarm. This happens every day.


So this new bendy bed was not perhaps the greatest of choices, as DH pointed out in tactless and elaborate detail. At least I had the foresight to remove the price tag - because it turns out that the bed wobbles in a really scary sort of way, not a scary thrilling sort of way and, after a brief but conclusive introduction, Rhiw ran away upstairs in disgust, wondering no doubt why I would do something so completely appalling.


I think it's what highly paid management consultants call a lose-lose situation. Rhiw was upstairs hiding. My credibilty as a dog person was in tatters. DH thought I had lost my senses.


Someone, however had been watching this unfolding situation, and quietly moved in to press home her advantage. As soon as Rhiw was gone, Meg filled her old bed with toys and bones ( Meg is my other dog - not any kind of human dysfunctional human offspring.) And took up residence in the new one.


Back to the shopping. Being on a kind of a roll, in the pet shop, with the bed, I also got a glow in the dark, indestructible dog frisbee. I mean - the sort of thing you never realised you needed till you saw it, right? Plus, there's what I at first took to be a phallus shaped device on the upper surface - (for better grasping in the dark, maybe?)


Then I realised it was a bone. The frisbee flies very nicely, even in daylight, and the 'bone' certainly makes for easy retrieval.


Life is full of unexpected and amusing surprises, even at my age.

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The thread title, "Collie Wobbles", led me to believe that you were talking about the shop of that name (which you can find on the internet under "Collie Wobbles" or www.sheepdogshop.co.uk. It is an absolutely fabulous place to find books, videos, clothing, etc. - all concerning or featuring the Border Collie (and sheep). Wonderful folks and a great place to shop. These people give great customer service and are wonderful to deal with, even from across the pond.


I hope my endorsement is not out of place here.

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I got a tempur-pedic dog bed for Zipper a month ago, he loved it alot but one day when i was at work i guess he got bored and he ripped it all up so i had to throw it away, I want to get him another one but since i cant watch him when im at work then same thing might happen

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Yes, I know about Collie Wobbles -great company!

Perhaps a little explanation is required for the post title. as I can sense a certain bemusement. 'Having the collie wobbles' over here means being a little jittery or on edge. Hence the name of the company - and my thread title.

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