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If I could, I would probably try to fix it before the lift. That was with my old dog, who was easy to move around before the lift, but difficult to move on the fetch. I'd probably tend to try the same thing unless the dog's nature warranted otherwise.


Also, I'd try to assess what the sheep were tolerating. Much-trialed sheep sometimes are hard to move off line once they are moving towards the handler, while it's easier to redirect big-flock sheep once they are on the go.


Hmmm. I think I am a lazy handler. All these answers seem very much like I'm saying, "I do what's easiest." But, my philosophy has always been, that a few points is not worth buggering the dog or the sheep. At least not now, while my abilities don't warrant trying to squeeze out a few points here or there. Maybe later if a miracle happens and I become highly competitive, I don't know - it's still in my nature to leave well enough alone.

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Why run to the judge, especially if he/she has a faulty perception of what it takes to get the job done in the most efficient and correct way? And, even if you think it could save you a point or two from that judge on the lift/fetch, you'd still have to get the dog back into the right place and get the sheep back on line, thus losing points on the fetch line, no? Or worse, taking the risk of losing the sheep entirely (think the double lift at the Bluegrass, for example.)


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When the dog leg comes up at a trial, I - or somebody - usually asks the judge how they want it.

They generally seem to want the dog to be stopped short.

Even if the judge wants something that doesn't seem optimal, I'll usually try it

anyway just to see if I can get it done. What the hell, it's just a dog trial.



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