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How much is too much?

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Just thought i would ask a few things about the interaction between Holly and Zac.


So far we have been really pleased with the way Holly has not only accepted Zac with no signs of any jealousy but also the way she is with him.

She has started now telling him to get off when he bites her, not too harsh just a careful knocking him off and a bark etc. So far though he has not learned much, he gets off and then thinks for a few minutes then he is back trying to jump on her again.


I have had to stop tug play a few times as of course Zac is too small yet to play proper tug with Holly. The fact they they both do it though to start with is a good sign. Holly will enjoy that when he is biggar.


The trouble is he is not 10weeks old until in the week and thinks he is as big as Holly.


I would love to hear please of any tips that anyone who has had an adult and a pup of how much to let them do together before stopping them. I have found he is different to Holly, she would stop after a play session and sleep, he does not you have to stop him or he won't stop.


He chases her and again this is great as Holly loves it but he is so small and even though i am always there and stop them after a little chase. Is this too much too soon for his age?


Any thoughts on how anyone lets them play at these ages would be great please.



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When I brought Tucker home he was no more than ten pounds and I pretty much let him and Chesney play however they wanted while I was there watching making sure it didn't get out of hand. Chesney was always pretty gentle with Tucker and never tried to lay or wrestle on him. They played Tug when Tucker was little and yeah it was unfair but Tucker seemed to be having a good time otherwise I doubt he would go back and try to get the rope Chesney took from him. They would play a lot of chase, stalk and pounce.


To get Tucker to nap after playing I would either lay down with him on the couch or just put him in his crate and he would be out like a light for a long time.


As far as Holly telling him off. Its how puppies learn adult manners. I wouldn't really tell Chesney to stop unless I found it nasty or unnecessary. Then I would tell Chesney to cool it a little.

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I'm interested in this question too.


Zia and twelve-week-old Zephyr play like crazy--chase, tug, and lots and lots of wrestling. I'm always around, but I've been letting them do pretty much whatever they want to do. Zephyr does get slung a couple of feet every now and then--either because Zia flings him when she's lying on her back and he pounces, or when they're tugging--but he seems to be surviving. I asked the vet a couple of days ago and she said not to worry.


Zia can jump over the makeshift dog-gate whenever she wants to get away from the puppy, and when Zephyr has enough of playing with Zia he just plops down and ignores whatever toy Zia is shoving in his face. Unfortunately his only choices when Zia is in a playful mood is joining her or lying down without a toy to chew on, because Zia will come and grab whatever toy he has in an attempt to get him to play.

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I got Faith when she was about 12 weeks old, and I allowed her and Violet as much supervised play as they wanted. Violet would make evil faces at Faith sometimes and occasionally act as though she were going to kill her, but Violet never really laid a tooth on Faith. I'd say they probably had an hour or so together in the mornings and a couple or three hours at night. When I wasn't watching, one or both were crated.

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Guest SweetJordan

I've had this experience once. And I let them have as much supervised play as they wanted. They would wrestle a lot inside and out. They would also chase and play tag outside. I didn't have to worry about tug because they didn't play that until my puppy was older. They always had a lot of fun and no one ever got mad or hurt. Though my adult dog was the size of a 12 week old lab puppy so she wasn't that big. She was always really gentle except for on occasion when she got carried away playing outside. Then I would just call a time out for a second.

They seemed to have a mutual understanding of when to stop playing, and usually that meant a nap for my puppy. At night they would cuddle up on the same bed together. And whenever they would play although I had to supervise it gave me a break from having to say 'no' a million times.

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Thank you for the advice all. I think i will let them get on with it a little more now. Still watching of course but i will try not to get involved with their play as much with them. I just didn't really know whether Zac was too small to play with such a big dog yet. Holly is quite big, not fat but very long legged and a strong BC that i know if she runs into you she can hurt.


She and Zac had a play on my bed a while ago and Holly has now started rolling around with him and air snapping with her teeth in a really playful way. This is not usual for Holly and it is really nice to see her starting to really properly doggie play. If he stopped Holly would dig on the bed to get him to play again with her. It was lovely to watch actually. He doesn't seem to be biting her as much and she has not been harsh with him at all yet and so i think he is very slowly learning what is acceptable with her too.


Now we just have to sort out what is acceptable with us, as i sit here with those puppy teeth marks on my feet! :rolleyes:



Buddy is adorable Mary :D

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This illustrates to me, how beneficial it is to have more than one dog. There are enhancements to their lives, that we don't even see. Sounds like Holly and your new pup are fast friends!



That is so true, she didn't know what she was missing before Zac and that was fine. Now though i bet she would miss another doggie friend and as they bond closer she would miss it even more i think.


On a side note, just because it was so cute i have to say what happened today. Holly always travels in the boot of our car, we have a freelander and a gate up usually at the back so she doesn't jump through. Anyway since getting Zac we pulled up the two seats, leaving one down in the back and a we have a travelling cage for Zac that sits there ( we already have taken out the gate too)

So Holly has the same boot but the back is open and she can see Zac etc. Well today DH and i went out with them like that and took turns to go into the shops. So one of us was always in the car, we opened the cage door and Zac at first thought it was playtime but soon settled down and slept near Holly in the back. They both stirred a few times but looked at each other and layed down again.

It was so sweet to see them. He isn't ready i don't think for complete freedom in the boot with Holly yet but it's a great start!! :rolleyes:

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