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I wish I had a video camera!

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The girls were lying about just now, Z behind my computer chair and Mags on her bed in the living room. Maggie approached to see me and I observed the following amusing event:


step one: Z walks up to Maggie, tail slowly wagging

step two: Maggie turns toward her

step three: Z smacks Maggie with one paw and backs up

step four: Maggie stands there looking at Z oddly

step five: Z smacks Maggie with the other foot and backs up

step six: Maggie continues to stand and look at Z

step seven: Z smacks Maggie with both feet and flops on the floor

step eight: Maggie walks away


See - I need a video camera 'cause it was waaay more amusing in person.


How do your dogs try to initiate play with other canines?

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That's funny :rolleyes: Gypsy will do that too sometimes, usually at the dog park with a dog she wants to play with but doesn't know. She'll jump around smacking with her paws and most of the time the other dog will have no idea what she's doing. When we're approaching/being approached by another dog, she'll crouch down and do the BC crawling walk thingy until she's sort of close to it, then lie down as close to the ground as she can (head down too) and wait for it to come near her, and then she'll jump up and run striaght at it when it's a few feet away.


With Milford, she'll just walk up to him and bite him. Then he'll either run and she chases, or else they have a round of bitey face.

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Nick launches himself at Lu. He either attatches himself to her neck, whereupon she beats the snot out of him, or Lu dodges and then it's off for a round of the zoomies. If Lu is being really boring, Nick will bark & bite her legs until she gets annoyed and beats the snot out him (glutton for punishment, he is.)


Of course, none of this is happening right now, as Lu is laid up with a sprained shoulder from my sister's 80Lb lab slamming into her. *arg*

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Abby has a technique that I call "going fishing". She goes up to Ryan while he's sleeping and starts tapping him lightly with her paw. When he wakes up, she dips her foot towards his mouth and just as he goes to bite it she pulls it away. She plays this game over and over until full on wrestling starts.


Another favourite is the "I dare you to try" technique. Abby sticks her butt in Ryan's face and wiggles it around until he makes any attempt to hump her. Then she whips around and pins him and wrestling starts.


When Ryan wants to play with Abby he runs up to her and bites her on the back of the neck :rolleyes: He doesn't really have refined play techniques yet.

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My dog is a bit... er... weird. He finds other dogs very scary and often will try to stay away. But once in a while, when he finds a dog he likes, he will suddenly do a really QUICK jump at the other dog/play bow... and then jump back and away as far and fast as he can get, in case the other dog attacks him. It cracks me up every time. :rolleyes: Generally, the other dogs either agree to a game of chase, or look at him like he's insane. No one has attacked him after the play lunge yet... I guess dogs recognize when someone else is just being an idiot.



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