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Hi everyone;

My name is Amanda I currently live in Idaho. I am a certified dog trainer thru TCA in Hutto Texas, and also work as a PIC in a grocery store. I am very active in performance events and in K-9 Search and Rescue with the TFSAR.

I currently have two dogs and a cat.

Shawna is my almost three year old Border Collie who I compete with in Agility, Obedience, and a little herding.

Shawna (taken last week):



Rain is my almost five month old GSD puppy he is in training as my new SAR partner (He will also be trained in Schutzhund)

Rain 19 Weeks today:



and last but not least is Ebony my black DSH cat.

Ebony (taken a couple of weeks a go):



I look forward to getting to know everyone!

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Hi there and welcome. I also have a Rain, she's an 8 1/2 month old BC that I adopted from a BC rescue just after she was weaned (her mom was surrendered just days before giving birth). I also have her brother Storm, Lightning (3 yr. old BC/Lab), Noah (6 year old collie) and Flash and Thunder (both 2 year old mix breed rescues that I adopted together as pups) Flash looks like BC/ACD, Thunder is a ? but may have Aussie or Catahoula (something merley), and GSD.


I've done a bit of agility with Lightning (just training, no competitions) and we're just getting into disc trials. He's also a great sled dog (won a bunch of trophies with my daughter in the kid & mutt races) and teams up with Thunder right now. When the pups are trained and ready I'll be adding them to the team and racing in the 4 dog classes.

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