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Be Safe! Don't play near ice

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So the kids were walking along the river today (behind our house,more like large stream but about 10 feet across) and throwing rocks and stuff to break ice. The GSD went out onto the ice in an oxbow area and fell in. Luckily her back feet touched bottom and her front was on top of ice, so her head was above water.


The kids came and got us and I went into the water - over my waist - and helped her out. So glad it wasn't Bula or Kramer. Kids learned a valuable lesson of why they don't play near the river with ice - and to be more carefull of what they let the dogs do.


I hate scary situations like this. Yes it was very cold but right behind the house so I got the wet clothes off fast, dry ones on, and in front of the fire I went.


oh the temp today durning the day was 20f. it was down to single digits last night. Snow coming tonight. 12+ inches they are saying.


Lesson - be careful around ice, don't let dogs out with the kids, and you can't feel the cold water when your adrenaline is pumping!



oh, and yesterday bula went to the river to get a drink, dropped her ball in, and then jumped in after it. made her get out and she instantly iced up. Then she rolled in the snow. Powder covered dog. Wish I got a picture. They don't seem to notice the cold water. Wish I had fur coats like them.

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Very sobering story. This is one of my biggest fears. I know someone whose dog did die after being trapped under ice (and I know of a whitewater kayaker who came to the same horrible fate). Frozen water here in Colorado's front range is terribly unstable due to all the freezing and melting that takes place here. I try to be uber cautious of the dogs whenever we hike because they know where the water spots are and like to play there. Like you, I'm afraid I would probably go in after them if they did go under.

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That's my biggest fear also, for me and Black Jack. It's very scary. We're not to close to any big amount of water but it could still happen. I'm very glad that you and your pupper are ok. I'm sure the kids will be more careful with the dogs now.

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And on the news tonight is the sad story of a 19-year-old Colorado woman who died after falling through the ice trying to rescue her dog in Commerce City. Another couple were rescued after going in after their dog in a separate incident. They survived. It's too scary...Anda, be careful with your water dog!

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