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  1. I'd say she sounds like a typical Border Collie pup. I raised two at once and was ripping my hair out. You can't train instinct out of a dog but you can train self control. I'd enroll her in some puppy classes and go from there. Some dogs just aren't suited to some people, but most of the time if the effort is put in you can learn to live in peace with one another. Spank ate a couch when he was around that age. He also ate a door, plenty of shoes, coats, mittens, collars, leashes, dog beds and even a computer. He couldn't be off lead or he'd get in and chase my non dog friendly horses. He was a dreadful puppy. But he grew into a fantastic dog. Had he not been so cute I probably would've killed him. Someone gave me him and like you I wasn't expecting what I got. If you can stick it out I'd say go for it. Some times you've just got to adjust to them and they you.
  2. Once you go past two it doesn't really matter anymore. You're a crazy dog person.
  3. Other people's cats? Nope. Those are fair game as far as the boys are concerned. My own cats yes. They adore mine.
  4. One thing I love about living in a complex is the use of a dumpster. Poo gets tossed out there every day.
  5. My boys, who have fought in the past, LOVE playing with one another. They wrestle the days away. They won't let Miley play with them though no matter how much she wants to. She jumps in on the wrestling matches and like good big brothers with a petite sister they walk away from her and play in another room.
  6. She was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle dog I have ever had the pleasure to know. Grouchy in her old age to other animals, she never once was sour with a human. She loved her people. AND KIDS! I use to take her into show and tell. No one else was aloud to bring their dogs but I was aloud to bring mine. All the teachers knew her and loved her. Even the kids who were scared poopless of dogs would come up and pat her. She'd sit in the middle in all her glory being stroked by children. From what I've heard about Nikki she sounds a lot like Shelby. She was the poorly bred Sheltie right? Shelby was too.
  7. I stand by my dogs through thick and thin. Shelby was my heart dog and apart of me died with her. Through that void I formed a bond with Bandit. A broken little puppy who had nothing. Though our relationship started with us both suffering our happiness grew. I love Miley and I love Spanky but Bandit is different. He may not be Shelby and I never expect him to but he and I are soul mates. That look in his eye when he sees me is like no other. I have never seen him get that twinkle for anyone else. I earned him and he earned me. It hasn't been a bundle of roses. Bandit still to this day is not overly fond of Spanky. They've fought before and I sat there holding him for hours crying thinking I'd have to get rid of one of them. Being me I thought because I had Spanky first I had to stick by him but it didn't feel right giving up on Bandit either. Not after how far we had come. I live with two dogs who don't fully get along, Bandit isn't overly fond of men and has many more quirks but I wouldn't ever be able to have life without him. Until he passes he will be at my side. As will all my dogs regardless of their issues. We'll get through them together. Our dogs don't give up on us when we move or are having troubles. We owe them, at the very least, the same treatment they grant us.
  8. Black and white. I noticed on Bandit's tail the roots are brown though. Weird.
  9. I think where most people fail with this breed is they forget how much they need us. Even if the dog doesn't seem to. They thrive off human companionship. Some aren't the type to sit in your lap and be swooned over but that doesn't mean they don't need their person. Someone who loves the breed, the dog and is willing to spend a lot of time making their lives together work (even if it doesn't seem like any effort) is ideal. With that said I think you would make a wonderful BC owner.
  10. My Sheltie was yappy, clingly, motion sensitive, loyal, loving and always near but never underfoot. She'd sit off in the distance and watch you. When you'd go to move she'd follow along. She liked to have you in eyesight but she wasn't overly personal. She never wanted cuddles but if you were upset she'd be the first to come and sit by you to let you know you were not alone. She was an even tempered girl with a heart of gold. Tolerated anything and everything you could possibly think of. That is just one dog of the breed though. A poorly bred one at that. My boys are different in nearly every way. Spanky is happy-go-lucky, quick as a whip to respond to a command, loves training, but is easily distracted. He is over stimulated easily. He loves everyone. Bandit is a one person dog. He is much more like my Sheltie. Always near, never underfoot. He is a very mature man. Both my Border Collies have a lot of drive. They both love human contact (Bandit only with me). Both are freakishly smart, active, loyal dogs with weird little quirks. I would own both breeds again. Shelties aren't like Border Collies at all from what I've noticed. I can't think of a dog I have ever met that can compare itself even some what to the BCs. They are on their own little planet. Both my Sheltie and my Border Collies would give you all they had without hesitation. Both wanted to do you right. They just go about it in two totally different ways.
  11. My two boys are the same way. They'll go all day at if you let them. Don't over do it though with a pup. My boys weren't ready at such a young age. Let them mature first. I wouldn't take that young of a dog out running.
  12. Oh my goodness. I am too stunned to say anything besides wow. That is awful.
  13. My boys are two very different dogs. Bandit comes across as being stupid if you don't know him when infact he is the smarter out of my two dogs. Spanky will do whatever you say at lightning speed. Bandit is thinking a few steps ahead and how he can avoid doing it. It took a lot of effort to get his respect but now that I have it we are two peas in a pod. Dogs are like people. Each with their own individual identity.
  14. Nothing fancy. Just your typical game of soccer outside in the yard. In the house we play soft toy fetch.
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