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Sensitive Stomach and Mulch - 2 parter

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This didn't come as a surprise when Polo has pretty bad (and I mean BAD) stomach issues that let me to take him to pet emergency room middle of the night. He was having very bad diarrhea to the point it looks like he was having bloody stools (which it wasn't thankfully). He ended up getting blood work, x-rays just in case he has Parvo or something doing damage in his intestines. Thankfully nothing came up. The vet had suggested switching him to adult formula for dogs with sensitive stomachs. So a little over a week ago I've been slowly switching him to sensitive stomach dog food, but the problem still exists, just not nearly as bad (still mushy though).


He was on Nutro Max puppy formula and is in the process of switching fully to Science Diet sensitive stomach formula. I'm concern about if there's any other possible causes that the vet didn't diagnose. Polo's stomach is so sensitive that every food and treat has to be slowly introduced to him. A new piece of treat can be bad to the point where he'll throw up.


Another issue is that Polo LOVES to eat mulch. He didn't do it until he started going to doggy daycare (someone is a bad influence). I correct him for eating the mulch when I'm around (still doesn't stop him from trying to eat it), but the daycare has to be reminded everytime he goes to them, and even then he still manages to eat a few pieces. The mulch itself doesn't give him an upset stomach (he has loose stools even without going to daycare), however he will throwup the evening he had them. Last night after going to daycare, he threw up much at 4:30am; about a handful of mulch and 7 puddles of clear bile. Is mulch-eating normal? How do you stop them from taking it in like a crack-addict?

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See if your vet carries Iams/Eukanuba low residue dog food. Its a veterinary diet formulated to help with diarrea and sensitive stomachs, its very bland, and it usually stops diarrea in its tracks.


Ido has inflammatory bowel disease--in other words her puppyhood was filled with cannon butt and vomiting, so I feel for ya--and this is the only food she can be on. It really helps. Also, have your vet check and see if this could be whats wrong with him...Ido's stomach is extremely sensitive to anything new or different from her strict diet, they actually took a biopsy of her intestine when she was spayed, and tested it for IBD...the rundown was basically the lining of her intestine is not like other dogs, and unable to absorb things correctly, hence the need for a diet that is not too rich.


Some of the signs for IBD is green poop, occasional bloody diarrea that can be anywhere from a few drops to LOTS of blood, vommiting...

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