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  1. Maybe it's the tone of your voice. I've noticed with my BC, as long as my tone is of disapproving tone, it really doesn't matter what I say. I can say "Pizza" in a disapproving tone, Polo would stop with whatever he's doing.
  2. The stray dog (Marco) I found 2 months ago is still with me looking for a new forever home (though I'm getting attached to him). During his stay with me I've been working with him on building his confidence, basic commands and removing some unwanted behaviors. For the most part he has come a long way from when I found him. I'm unsure if he had some herding training from his prior owner (who abandoned him) or his behavior was never corrected in the beginning. I'm clueless when it comes to herding, but my bet is on uncorrected behavior. The only reason why I think he might of been used f
  3. Feeding in the crate works. Took some time before the stray finally walked in. Thanks! I can work on the rest from here.
  4. I can try feeding him in the crate, but he doesn't look to be motivated with food, it's like he only eats when he's really hungry.
  5. I'm having some difficulties with getting the stray to be comfortable in the crate. Since I don't know the history of him, I can only make assumptions that he was either: 1. Been improperly crate trained when it was young or 2. Its been roaming in the wild for too long. He's not food or toy motivated, but does appear to be glue to me like white on rice. I was hoping that if I can't encourage him to go in the crate, Polo can demonstrate his comfort to the stray (which is funny to see how Polo is showing off going in and out of the crate and rolling over in it), but the stray just couldn't ca
  6. For Polo, he's on premium kibbles (Blue Wilderness, EVO, Innova, and Orijen) mostly due to time constraints. I try to add canned dog food when I remember or actually remember to buy it. I've tried doing raw food with him and it turned disastrous (think projectile of you know what from you know where), after 2 1/2 weeks and several clean ups, I decided it wasn't worth the time to prep it and definitely wasn't worth cleaning. With the stray, who's been catching its own and scavenging food, he wouldn't touch EVO or Orijen. He'll smell it and leaves it. He will however, start to nibble on
  7. I just got cleared to use both my feet about 30 minutes ago! Soon we'll be going back to the good o' days. Polo still works best with me in training even though he's spent a lot of time with family and friends. At the agility training yesterday, even though it's the first day, it was clear that when my friend's wife (who Polo spends a ton of time with) that they don't communicate as well. Polo had once miss on the weave with me (my crutches got in the way) and other than that, there isn't really he didn't do well at. The stress level is much lower for me now that I can walk around and ge
  8. Last minute today I decided to sign Polo up for intro to agility class despite I'm still on crutches (I got my coworker's wife to go with me). To my surprise Polo did really well on his first day at agility, he understood exactly what I was asking and worked with me really well. At first I thought one of the owner's Sheltie would do best because of it's size and how well it behaved, but to my surprise it was afraid to do any of the courses (Polo was so eager to do each obstacles). The instructor was a little surprised to see how well Polo did and how well we worked together. I think rig
  9. Before you hand the dog over to the staff at the airport, give your dog water with honey, it'll help them retain water a little better.
  10. Polo and I are currently staying at a relative's place with 4 month old Golden Poodle (wasn't trained at all) and two things I've noticed: 1) The 4 month old puppy benefited from Polo being around since Polo knows various tricks from the classes he's taken. The 4 month old pup learned how to 'sit', 'down', 'shake' and 'beg' by watching Polo doing it. 2) Polo's response to recall and tricks decreased dramatically and had to go back to the basics and some of his basic manners went out the door because the other pup doesn't have to do it.
  11. Polo is 8.5 months old weighing in at around 32lbs.
  12. Polo's on adult sensitive stomach formula per vet (Science Diet). He's been sleeping in his crate that's placed in the bathroom. So rather than taking showers I take baths (also easier with immobilized right foot) and he stay in the bathroom with me with treats placed by the tub. He making very small steps, but he'll eventually get there.
  13. It's worth a try. He's very treat driven pup and when he's in the tub, treats means nothing to him.
  14. I put the crate in the bathroom (ate up all the space to move) and first left him in there with treats. I took a bath rather than a shower because it's similar to the condition when he gets bathed. I left the crate open as I took a bath and left a treat by the tub. At first he just hid in the corner and was just completely shutdown. About 10 minutes later he got out of the crate and sniffed around the bathroom and eventually laid down and ate the treat by the tub. Definitely some progress was made but there's still lots of room left for him.
  15. I was thinking of leaving him in his crate in the bathroom while I take a shower, hoping it'll desensitize him with the sound of running water.
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