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Today I Baled Some Hay to Feed the Sheep the Coyotes Eat


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This book is all about sheep. The only sheepdog in the book appears on p. 101. I mainly added it here so the cynical among you could enjoy the title.


However, if you are interested in the sheep aspect of sheep ranching, you might enjoy the book, or even learn a trick or two from it. Stockton has detailed descriptions of all the methods he has developed for extracting stuck lambs from the womb. Or for getting a ewe to accept someone else's lamb. Or how to tell what kind of predator killed the dead lamb you just came across. There is next to no description of ranch life, other than the parts that involve sheep, so forget any thoughts of a romantic portrayal of life on the prairie. However, Stockton is an artist of (apparently) some reknown, at least in Montana, and the book is profusely illustrated with his excellent charcoal sketches (even sketches of dead sheep).


I stumbled across this book for 50 cents in a used bookstore in nearly-sheep-free Juneau, Alaska. Having gotten well more than my money's worth out of it, I'd be happy to pass it on to anyone considering breaking into the ranch business...if there is such a person left on the planet.

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This is an old thread, but I got this book for Christmas and I have to say it was fantastic. I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves sheep, or art, or philosophy :rolleyes:. The drawings are beautiful and the descriptions are both harshly realistic and respectful. A very nice surprise!

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