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Agressive Dog?

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A while back I posted about a dog in the park going for Ben (when he was only about 4 months old)

I was concerned because this was a total change as he had been really protective of Ben before that


Well it progressed to the point he was up on his hind legs spitting and snarling at children and he had snaps at Ben at random times whenever Ben got close (which was not often at all cos he is not daft)


The poor owners were at their wits end - could only walk the dog on a lead and had to muzzle him for the groomers (even then he came out 1/2 wet cos they couldnt finnish)


They have spent a fortune on one to one training sessions (£60/hour :rolleyes: )

And when I asked if there was anything we could do to help they said they had not been given homework that the trainier said she would prob not be able to help!! (but still took the money)


Then a couple of nights ago the owners were drying off the dogs feet and he started to snap at them when they went to the back ones

They went to the vet and were told that the dog has bad hips

Dont know how bad yet as they will wait a couple of months before the xray so he is all grown up

So he is on painkillers and seems a lot better

One night they even let him off the lead (with the big protective GSD who would not have let him touch Ben) and Ben and him had a wee run around and a happy play

He still has had a couple of snaps at Ben when he is on the lead - but Ben just keeps out of the way


But its a huge improvment - and just goes to show that its better to get to the vet 1st before you spend a fortune on trainers


Sad though - today is his 1st birthday and the owners had got him to do agility, they had been good and not done anything with him yet (agility wise - lots of obidience) so no chance of him starting that (and his birthday pressent ordered last week was a set of jumps)


Poor wee guy - but hopefully his aggression is not a learned behavior now and he can go back to being the happy pup he was

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This is what Chris and I think is wrong with Ceana. Thank you for posting this it makes me feel like I am not reaching in space for a way to rationalize her aggression. We just set up pet insurance on her that will cover hereditary and genetic problems. The only catch is they cannot be diagnosed within 30 days of setting up her insurance. Come December ceana is getting x-rayed and having her thyoid tested. Her aggression has escalated as she has gotten older as well.


Poor guy he has most likely been associating pain with all sorts of fun things. I am sure he will be much happier now that this problem has been identified.


Quick question: Did the other dogs at the dog park try and play with him or did they tend to stay away as soon as he entered the park?

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Its a little difficult to answer the question because as soon as the problems started the dog was on his lead and he was only let off in areas a long way away from other dogs - and only for playing with his ball

All of the other dogs at the time were older than him and would not have put up with any nonsense - but even so he was so unused to playing that he just watched for his ball and ignored the other dogs


One thing that was noticed by several people was that he took small steps with his back legs

Now he is on the pain meds he has got longer strides - but (and I dont know how to explane this properly) his hips look low when he walks - like a GSD (hope that kinda makes sense)


I am watching Ben like a hawk - he seems to take v short strides but he dosent walk anywhere - he trots

and he goes on his back legs and not only frog dogs but also 'superpups' (back legs straight back front legs straight forward)

- and of course he is a mutt so hopefully!!!

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