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super beginner question

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ok so this is probably the dumbest question ever asked on these boards, but here it goes...


I thought the whistle was just whistling... do you actually use a whistle? or just your lips? does that questions make sense?


If it's a physical whistle, is there a special kind? or is it like the old P.E. coach used to wear?



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Some use their fingers and some use shepherd's whistles that are made from a variety of materials: Border Collies in Action or Border Collics Anonymous. The key is to get a variety of tones/notes with volume that will carry across the field. You put combinations of tones together as an alternative to verbal commands.


Watch this video to see and hear a shepherd's whslte in use: Rural Hill.



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Once you get a whistle, it's fun!!! LOL. Like an instrument. It is actually a lot harder than you think. I like to give it my friend and have them try to blow it. LMAO- then I play my awful rendition of happy birthday to you. But to them, I sound like a pro. I'd start with the plastic, give them to the kids first- they usually figure them out right away, then you can ask them- how'd you do that? Once you have it mastered you'll be playing show tunes on it.


P.S. Never show a border collie that's been trialing a video of a trial- it'll drive them nuts.

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For now I just whistle for his recall. Just a normal (with your lips :rolleyes: ) whistle. It works great for quick recalls. One quick whistle and he whips around and comes back to me.


I am trying to learn some stockdog whistles now, but it's slow going.

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