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It finally clicked!

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Dean has never really been overly-fond of contact pieces. Knowing him, I've been sure for a long time that it's more because he didn't really understand what they were about than fear of the actual piece of equipment itself.


Recently, I started agility over with him again in a brand-new foundation class. I've also been working on his contacts at home using a board that I set up coming down from the futon so he can practice 2 on 2 off at the bottom. He loves that.


So, today our instructor had us take the dogs over the low A-frame. He went over compliantly, but was quick to get himself off at the bottom.


After doing that twice, she set a baited target at the bottom and we showed it to him. Smart guy he is, when I called him off the target, he hustled right to the other side of the A-frame with me. He knew he had to go over to get the treat.


Over he went and he slowed himself coming down and moved into 2 on 2 off and stayed there until I released him - all that without me saying so much as a word. He did get a click when he moved into contact position before he ate the treat on the target. He proceeded to give the instructor, who was sitting by the target to cover it in case he had run around instead of going over, a big Dean Dog hug!


We did that again and then I put him in a sit-stay on one side of the A-frame, released him over, he went up, he went down, slowed, got into 2 on 2 off, click, treat, release - perfect!!!


But the cool thing is that I could see that it clicked in his brain. He understands his job on the A-frame now!


When we turned to go back to our seats, he turned and went up and over again, and slowed for his contact without there even being a target there!


It might not sound like a big deal, but it really is! Dean likes agility, but hasn't really gotten the point yet (except tunnels and the chute - that boy looooooooooves the tunnel and chute!). But with everything else he has been going through the motions for the most part. I'm starting to see the pieces come together in his brain now and it's very amazing! :rolleyes:

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Thats fantastic!!!! I just need that to happen with weaves. Riven just wants to wander off. She isnt interested in them in the least. My only issue with Rivens A-frame is that she wont pause.


I have the weave issues with Miss Maddie. She's been doing agility for 2 years and she still acts like she's never seen a weave pole in her life most of the time.


I've been working on the 2 by 2 method with her and I'm seeing good results. I hope it's going to pay off. I want to move her into Level 2 CPE next summer if she gets her Level 1 Standard title in the spring, but I can't unless she gets the weave poles!

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Very cool for you and Dean! I just love it when you see the light bulb go off in their heads... ohhhhh THIS is what we are doing, I get it now....weeeeee!!!!


Me too! It's been a long time coming, but now that I've seen it with the A-Frame, I think the lights are on in there!!

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