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RDM will probably know, or Diane.


But what you are probably looking for is actually just a "first lesson" rather than an instinct test. I know it's confusing because all the sporty herder web sites talk about instinct tests. The first time or even times your dog is exposed to sheep are just about getting all the ducks in a row for your dog mentally [edit: pun unintentional - but I amused myself, anyway!] and seeing whether there's enough interest to try it on a regular, formal level.


Good luck! You must, of course, keep us posted.

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If I were you I would contact Aileen McConnell at aileenp @ highspeedplus.com, and ask her. She is president of the Canadian Border Collie Association, and lives in Metchosin, which I gather is very near Victoria. If she can't help you out herself, she can probably recommend someone.

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And Victoria is 3 hours away from Vancouver, including two hours on a boat.


Jamie Florence offers lessons and will happily let you come try your dog on her sheep, assuming she has sheep again. She did not have any for a long while. I have not worked there for many months, so I'm not sure if she has replenished her supply.


One of my members, Cheryl, will also let you come out and try your dog on her sheep, but she does not offer ongoing lessons, just an intro to stock. She does "rent" her sheep, but not to brand newbies.


There are definitely some people/places to avoid. I won't name them, but I will gladly give you a thumbs down privately.



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I know Jamie quite well, having stayed at her place a few weeks ago. She does have sheep and I HIGHLY recommend her for a lesson


Jamie is organizing a Ken Mckenzie clinic in November which also might be of interest - to audit if full for dog spots.

Lynn Leach at Downriver Farm in Hope also does a lot of instinct testing, as does Shelley Fritzke in Chilliwack and of course, Rose McLeod in Langley. I can give you their contact info. privately if interested.

Martha McHardy in Metchosin or Celeste LaCroix/Brian Epp in Saanich on the Island are also good for an introduction to sheep. I believe they are also bringing Bill Berhow up again in late November for private lessons and a one-day 'Judging/handling seminar' which would be excellent.

There is a Handy Ranch Dog Trial at Downriver Farm this Sunday, sanctioned by BCSDA. It has Rookie classes, thru Nov/Nov, P/N and Open in a combo arena/field event which would be a good chance to get an idea of what brand newbie started dogs can do as well as fully trained up Open dogs. John Carter is organizing a series of trials there and also offers lessons/sheep time/instinct etc.


regards Lani Dorman, Langley BC

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