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  1. We're feeding Acana Grasslands (grainfree all life stages) , which is made by the same company as Orijen . We're also mixing in a little of the Orijen Regional Red at the moment . We don't feed Orijen exclusively as it's a bit pricey and a little to rich for our dogs .
  2. Thank you , this has been very helpful .
  3. We've had our dogs on TOW and they did quiet well on the food , had good firm stools on the Pacific Stream but we had some loose stools on the Wetlands . We switched our crew to Acana grasslands a few months ago , it's made by the same company as Orijen (Champion Pet Foods) but is a little lower protein and cost . They have beautiful coats , nice firm stools and the absolutely love it . Acana has three grain free formulas , Prairie Harvest which is chicken based , Pacifica which is fish based and Grasslands which is lamb based . Acana products are made from human grade ingredients and are eth
  4. Can anyone recommend a good joint supplement .
  5. Heidi has a teaser ball made by jolly ball that'll she'll play with on her own . Her favorite though is a empty 2L pop bottle with a hand full of kibble in it .
  6. I feed my dogs a mix of Taste of the Wild (wetlands) and Horizon Legacy , I go through a 30 lb bag of TOTW and around a half bag of Horizon . My kibble cost is around $80 . I usually go through $10 or so of raw meaty bones .
  7. I'd take her into the vet for a check up . We just went thru this with our two year old male boxer . He was far to thin , we tried boosting his food (Taste of the Wild and Horizon Legacy) but it made no differance . We had a blood panel run and did a fecal exam . Turned out he had a cellular parasite and high thyroid levels .
  8. Heidi's Nicknames : Heid ,Baby girl , HiHi , Munchkin , Bunchkins , Bebe , my little girl , Honey Charlies Nicknames : Char , CharBar , Charbee , Barley , Bub , ButtHead , Doofus , Knot head
  9. I think you handled yourself very well . I too was a little alarmed with you being out all alone . Gosh I don't even go out with my dogs (one being a large shepherd X) after daylight alone . It's just not safe .
  10. Glad to hear he's feeling better .
  11. Two years ago a little freckled border collie puppy entered my life . We've had a few bumps along the road but I couldn't possibly imagine my life with out her . She is my best friend and has gotten me through the most difficult time in my life . She is such a joy to own and I am so happy to have her in my life . Here's to many more wonderful years together .
  12. Heidi's head butted me more times than I can count . The worst was on a date , she head butted me and split my lip I bled for the longest time and was swollen for a couple days after . Heidi also has a terrible case of ball vision , she see's the ball nothing else including myself , I've been run into and over a couple times . Actually a couple weeks ago we were at the park with a couple of friends and their dogs , it was nice so us girls were sitting on the grass , someone threw the ball for Heidi and she came barreling into me , hit me like a ton of bricks .
  13. Oh , what a cutie . I love muscovies , they're on my want list .
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