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One of Kip's pups

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I know a lot of you probably don't remember, but some of the older (as in, been on the boards longer, i'm NOT calling anyone "old"...oh dear) members probably will...


Several years (wow, been a while) back I took in a female BC who was badly neglected. Horribly so, in fact, and she was also pregnant. She was vetted as much as possible after I got her and fed well and taken care of and loved and cuddled, but soon after giving birth to the puppies her heart gave out. I bottle fed them round the clock till my sweet Recon became their foster mom...for some weird reason even producing milk for the little buggers. (she's gone on to do that once more, when our kitten kept insisting on nursing off of her, so I guess she's just....milky?)


Swoosh was the puppy I almost lost - he was the last one born, Kip was extremely tired, and he was a big puppy. He was stuck for a while, inhaled quite a bit of fluids, and just had a really rough start. Had to really fight to get him to breathe...so I was very very attached to him from the beginning.


Anyway, two of the puppies were brought down here to Mississippi. I saw Swoosh's (the puppies) owner in the feed store the other day and inquired about him as I always do. I found out that he had to be put to sleep just about two weeks ago. :rolleyes:


He started having seizures and they weren't able to take him off the IV drips after a while, so they decided to let him go. RIP little guy.


Here's the lil fatty on day 1:



And here he is doing exactly what Border Collie puppies NEVER do....get into mischief:



I wish I had an adult picture of him. He was a beautiful guy.


Sorry for rambling on, I'm just really sad to hear about it. Recon adored playing with him when we met up at the feed store. She was even looking around Jim's truck for Swoosh when we were there that day.

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I remember that well, too, Aerie. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Swoosh. You (and Recon) did such a fantastic job raising those pups - it must be very hard to hear that news. The only good thing was that he went to a good and caring owner, so you know he was loved.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Swoosh. That must have been hard to hear.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys. I didn't realize how attached I still was to him. Going to get feed isn't the same without him there to greet us. Poor Jim is still broken up about it. Originally, Swoosh went to Jim's wife - she was going to do the agility thing with him. Jim, however, discovered that Swoosh was good on stock so Swoosh worked the dairy instead. He says it's really a double blow - he misses him as a companion and it hits him even harder every day when he goes to bring in the cows and he has to do it alone.


I am so sad for him.

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