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Worn teeth

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My BC Lizzie is 2.5 years old and her lower canine teeth are wore about a third down. I think I can see the inside part of the tooth now. We have only used rubber balls and frizbee's with her. What can we do to reduce the wear? If we stopped throwing her things for awhile will the enamal come back? Can a dogs teeth be capped? Just wondering what others have done for this.

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Actually teeth can be capped but can be expensive! Some dogs just don't have great teeth.

I'd have my vet check,exposed interior of the teeth could become a problem...to say nothing of possibly being painful.

Stopping the retrieves I doubt will make a difference on the enamel...again check with your vet.

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Frisbees are usually the problem, but I think that there was something new about how tennis balls are bad too....


Teeth capping IS VERY expensive! But you should check with your vet to see what is the best option..

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My girls teeth are like this at 2 years of age as well. We have to select toys very carefully.


With Zoey since the pulp is not exposed the dentist recommended a more conservative treatment option, monitoring for now. On Zoey's teeth you can see the inner core (dentin?), but that has not opened to expose the pulp. From what I gather if the enamel starts to wear the root/pulp starts to receded to compensate. The problem is if the wear occurs before the recession can take place. So if you can prevent the wear from occuring rapidly or at all, you could save yourself THOUSANDS in root canals and caps.


Frisbees of any kind/material are a no, no, as are any toys chomped or carried with the front teeth per our dentist. Raquetballs and latex toys were recommended to help prevent wear. Another great toy is the Holee Roller Ball.


Hope this helps.



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I've been worried about Merlin's canines too. He is almost 3 and I've been noticing his eroding since he was 1 or so. He ALWAYS has something in his mouth, even when he is sleeping sometimes. At the barn he will even bring people a piece of hay to throw for him. He doesn't use tennis balls and we have the Nylabone soft rubber frisbie for him. I wonder if he will have any canines left by the time he is 5? But he so loves his toys...it would be hard to deprive him of them (they are all stuffed or rubber) and he would find something else anyway (ie hay strand). It does seem his teeth are softer, but maybe it is just because he plays so hard.


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