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  1. So glad everything turned out well. I know how you must have felt. I came home one night and my BC Lizzie was gone. I thought someone had stolen her out of her kennel. My daughter had taken the day off and had her with her, but that feeling that you may never see your wonderful BC again is not a good feeling. Again I'm so happy for you.
  2. Lizzie is spayed and is 2.5 years old. She is on a quality kibble diet. I thought she was just getting her winter coat and shedding the summer one.
  3. My wife thinks our BC Lizzie is shedding hair more then usual and wanted me to ask you guys if she might have a vitiman defecency or something else. Is there something you can give them to make their hair shed less?
  4. Same here. Lizzie gets tired and lays down for a few minutes but then is up and ready to go again. Like you others I have to say when to quit, otherwise I think she could go all day long.
  5. My BC Lizzie will open the door and go out herself if its not locked. When she is outside and wants back in she will ring the door bell. I always check her water bowl but when she is outside she gets water at the creek.
  6. My BC Lizzie is 2.5 years old and her lower canine teeth are wore about a third down. I think I can see the inside part of the tooth now. We have only used rubber balls and frizbee's with her. What can we do to reduce the wear? If we stopped throwing her things for awhile will the enamal come back? Can a dogs teeth be capped? Just wondering what others have done for this.
  7. Last Sunday morning I heard my 2.5 year old BC Lizzie choking on something. By the time I got up and turned the light on she wasn't making any noise and I could see she was in rear trouble. I gave her two or three hard wacks on her back and she started making some gaging noises again. She finally got what ever it was down, I think it was a rawhide bone. I was wondering if this ever happens again if you can do the heinlich manuver on a dog? Where should you wrap your arms around the dog to squeeze? Has anyone had to do this to save their dog?
  8. I'm from Wisconsin and thats what Jeffery Damar did when he was a kid before he turned to people. I agree that fines and penalities should be much more severe. I also hope that dog is having a good time on the other side of the rainbow bridge. God needs to spend some extra time with him.
  9. I always leave our BC inside to if its raining or a thunderstorm is coming. I have never left our BC outside on her own. I was just asking if they could be trained to be, but from what I'm reading they can't. I didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest.
  10. I guess I would like her to be outside on a nice day and not cooped up. I have a pretty big outdoor kennel for her its 17 x 24 feet, but she can't run in it. I was just wondering if a BC could be trained to stay home or if their herding instinct is so strong that it would over rule it. My wife will be retiring in two years and then it won't be a problem anymore.
  11. Our 2 year old BC Lizzie can stay in the house now when we are gone and is very good. She doesn't chew anything up any more and no going potty in the house. If she absolutly has to she will go on the basement floor which is fine with me, allot better then a rug or carpet. We have taken the kennel down in the basement that I made for her now. What I'm wondering is can she ever be trusted to stay home outside if we left her? She has never run away from our place since we got her at 4 months old. I don't know how we could even test her on this. When we aren't playing with her she keeps hersel
  12. Lizzie is two years old. She gets a little afraid in load thunderstorms and wants to be near someone in the family but she never looked so degected as last night. We have never yelled or hit our dog yet the other day when I was swatting flys she looked like I was going to swat her too and took off. Shes fine today. Next time it happens I'll have to sing or say sweet things to her as I fall to the ground. LOL
  13. Last night I went into the bedroom with my BC Lizzie to get a ball to throw. I'll throw a ball down the hall or basement steps while watching TV for her. Well last night she was so excited to play that she got tangled up in my feet and I went stumbling down on the floor shouting a few expletives. I wasn't yelling at my BC at all but for the rest of the night she hide behind a chair in the living room. I made her come out a few times by offering her one of her treats, but when I showed her the ball she would run behind the chair again. She stayed there all night. This is the first time Ive s
  14. Now that I looked closer I think they are just wore down. I'm getting rid of all the tennis balls tonight. Thanks for that info Julie.
  15. We just noticed this last weekend that all of our BC Lizze's sharp canine teeth have the tips broken off. We only throw a soft Kong frisbe to her and tennis balls and other soft rubber balls. They are not busted off far enough down to cause her any problems with her teeth. We are just wondering what caused this.
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