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It feels sort of empty around here!!

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I haven't had just 3 in the house since we adopted Dean last December.


Then Mickey came as a foster and that made 5.


Then Sammie went on the truck with my husband for a month so I was down to 4.


Then it got too hot for Sammie to go and he came home and I was back to 5.


Then I dogsat for a week and I was up to 6.


Then that dog went away and I was back to 5 until Mickey was adopted soon after and that put me back to 4.


Then I became a frequent dogsitter for a friend's dog and that made 5 on a regular basis.


Now my friend's dog is at home and Sammie has gone and I'm down to 3 at least for a few days. It almost feels empty!


Of course, it's only temporary, but it's odd to have only 3 here! We've had quite a full house for some time now!

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