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Cut pads.....again!!

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Lacee seems to have a problem with her pads. Everytime I take her to a park to play ball, she ALWAYS comes home limping with cut pads. It takes her days to recover. A few years ago when we had a back yard, she was always playing and never had this problem. I don't understand why it's happening now. How am I supposed to play with her, when I know she's going to end up hurting at the end?

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Guest TheRuffMuttGang

That's not cuts, that's just from running so hard on either rough and/or hard ground. My dogs rarely do that anymore because they are like our feet--they build up callouses and a resistance to tearing if you just keep taking them (after they heal of course). I bet she just does not run as hard in your yard or your grass is softer or your ground more moist (hence softer) than the park. Let her feet heal (maybe I am mean but I give 1 wk max) and then take her back. Eventually she ought to quit tearing her feet up.

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