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  1. Fabulous video! I too watched it more than once.... the dog at 1:30 looks so much like Brass , I had to do a double take.
  2. What a beautiful girl. She reminds me of a friend's BC... so I suggest: SKYE
  3. Such a beautiful girl. I am very sorry. Thank you for sharing her with us. (((hugs)))
  4. Thank you very much everyone for your nice comments. I was in such fog yesterday.... I noticed this morning that I told everyone in my post that she was born in '96. It was actually '94. My sweet girl was 14.5....I haven't meet too many other dogs who liked to play as much as she did at her at that age..... the house is so quiet this moring. Over the weekend I plan to compile a slide show of Brssy's two years with us, and will post it in the photo section when done. Thank you again everyone, your comments really mean a lot. Cheers, Claudine
  5. Saying Good-bye to Miss Brassy Pants July 5, 1996 to December 5, 2008 This afternoon, Brassy passed away. No longer struggling with the limitations of an old body, Brassy is now on the other side of the rainbow. It was two years ago this week that Craig & I drove through a snowstorm to Vancouver, and adopted Brassy from That'll Do Border Collie Rescue. (Thank you Sheena!). Brassy spent the next two years being spoiled rotten. She loved playing frisbee, chasing sticks, swimming, cross country skiing...and her favourite, eating poo. She quickly became my shadow, following me
  6. What a fun thread! All of us have stockings (cats, dogs & humans) filled with toys and tasty treats...then a few prezzies to unwrap. Normally more toys for the dogs, and fuzzy blankets for the cats. Then we head out cross country skiing with the dogs (a MUST on Christmas morning). Cats & dogs get special treats for dinner... we don't eat meat so sadly there is no turkey for them, s I'll normaly chop up a nice steak for them to share instead. They get pretty spoiled. I think its fun.
  7. Oh gosh. I am so very sorry. (((hugs))) Claudine
  8. Reading this thread I thought "ya, that is a little odd", and then.... Since it has gotten colder, Lizzy has been sleeping in my bed, under the covers (not a very tough dingo & a little spoiled). I got out of bed a couple mornings ago, she hopped out too...as I started to make the bed I spotted what looked like a chocolate covered almond...????..... nope, wasn't an almond. She must have let something pop out in her sleep.... in MY bed!!! So the next night Lizzy slept on her own bed, with extra blankets to keep her cozy.
  9. Miss Brassy had a rough night last night... more runny butt, and very lethargic. She looked so sad when she had to be carried to go outside. She wasn't at all interested in food either...which, although was very unlike her (she LOVES eating) was good 'cause I wanted to fast her a little and give her tummy a rest We had an appointment this morning with our vet. After a blood test and exam, our vet feels she has colitis, and an infection. She had a shot of steroids, and will now have three different pills for the next 12 days… she gonna love that…pills wrapped with cheese! Yummie! Br
  10. Oh I'm sorry. I don't have any advice, as I have not been thru that with my dogs yet. Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you & Ness...sending you lots of positive vibes.
  11. She's 14 yrs. Thank you everyone for your warm wishes... I'll update you tomorrow after our vet visit. Cheers!
  12. Thank you everyone. I have an appointment for her tomorrow morning. When I went to check on her at lunch and there was more liquid poo, mucus & blood, plus... she vomited up her breakfast. My poor girl. She sill looks upbeat at least. Cheers
  13. Thank you. She's had runny butt troubles before, and at that time we did a complete fast then bland food then a gradual return to regular food. But the sight of blood at 1am freaked me out. Poor Brassy. I'm heading back home at lunch to check on her, and hopefully our vet can see her asap. Thanks again.
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