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state of BC health?


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Those of you who have been in this breed for some time- what is your opinion on the general health/vigor of this breed? Is Epilepsy a big worry when looking at a pup? What about other issues- eyes, joints, etc. By and large, do you think the working BC is a generally healthy dog, generally free from things like allergies, gastro-intestinal issues, temperament issues? I am looking at getting a BC in my future, and I would love to hear what your feelings are on the subject.


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My opinion for what little it may be worth...

going on 25 years with the breed...

I have come across more varying degrees of genetic shyness issues than I ever have with physical health...

never had an epileptic dog or one with joint problems or allergies or GI issues.

I have not been exposed to as many different 'families' of dogs as many on the board have....so take my limited

opinion for exactly what it's worth... not too much :rolleyes:

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I think within the purebred scheme, it's a pretty healthy breed. If you pick from working parents, who are from working parents...etc, you've got a better chance than any other breed I know of when it comes to getting a decent puppy. Add a few health checks (hips, CEA) and you've got a good chance indeed.


Unfortunately the status of the breed can change in just a few generations of breeding stupidly.

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