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doggy paws and Tree sap

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that is not a good mixture.


I can't get it out.


and now she's limping.


any suggestions short of the vet or a groomer?

thank you

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It worked great. I loved it, shelby hated it lol


we got all pine smelling. then shelby had a bath to get the rest of the smell off...


so she got her revenge. rolled in a stinky pee puddle. ewww

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LoL, I was about to trim the sap from between her toes... but then realized that she has webbede feet do most BC s have webbed feet?

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Mayonaisse works to get sap off as well. If you try that next time you might even have a happy dog that's not looking for revenge, she'll be too busy licking off the mayo :rolleyes:

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