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Puppy Pix: Kaylee @ 13 weeks

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Well, here's what the lil troublemaker is looking like this week. We really are having a lot of fun together! Still working on the mouthiness, hence the Kayleegator name.


...She's got me housebroken, no accidents in the house for the last couple of days. I have learned to Touch the bells on the back door when I want to go out, and run straight to the Potty Place. I know several of my toys by name, and my favorite one is definately 'Tug'! I know what 'OFF!' means. I learned how to bark at noises this week, and learned that 'Enough!' means stop barking now. Not that I always do that, but I know what she means. And the cats, well, I guess they really don't want to play after all, and Mama sure don't allow. But that old gray one sure can run fast!




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Those are great pictures. I bet she's a ball to be around. Have fun with her.

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