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"The Blue Riband of the Heather" by E.B. Carpenter has it up through about 1995. An update on the ensuing years is in the works, I understand.


Good to hear from you again! I've wondered how you've been doing this summer.

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Hiya Sue


Thanks. I have been trying to get a copy of that book for a while for a good price, without success so far.


I am getting ready for my move North - very excited. I have also found out I am pregnant (15 weeks) and so that has kind of slowed me down a little!


How are things with you?

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You can find a list of most of them here.


This will fill in the blanks:


1997 Jan 200425 Frank Cashen


2000 Bob 224454 Aled Owen


2001 no trial -- FMD


2002 Star 211076 Stuart Davidson


2003 Maid 243708 Johnny Wilson


2004 Craig 249897 Toddy Lambe


2005 Spot 253845 Neil McVicar


2006 Joe 272330 Bobby Dalziel

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Kirsty - Congratulations! That will certainly add some challenges to your already-full life!


I'm sure you are so excited about the move, but will miss training with Thomas. I would if I were in your shoes, although I'm sure you will do excellently "up there".


I bought the book from Sheepdog Shop (they have a website). It wasn't cheap but it sure is neat reading. However, looks like Eileen got you the info and for free!


Take care and keep us posted!

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