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puppy paula and the cats!

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Hi,I'm franzy,

found your board and it was allready helpful to me!:rolleyes:

Nearly two month ago I got a bc-spaniel?-mix from the shelter. She was then 8 1/2 weeks old. We have also a big black Lab/Collie mix(4yrs) and 4 Cats. The Cats are used to dogs since ever. But when the puppy made first contact with them, they just ran off - horryfied! I was stunned! And even now, it ist still the case! I teached Paula to ignore them but, well - works just sometimes!

Is it possible that some bc's and cats don't get along?

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Welcome, franzy! Our old kitty Patina (RIP sweet girl) taught puppy Hoku to respect cats pretty quickly, but he will still give chase if a cat will run. Patina never ran, but others do, so the chase gets reinforced. Don't know if that's much help.

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Yeah but no one told the puppy that...lol. I'm sure the cat will teach him though. Hopefully gently...


It can take a few days for these to get used to each other's smells though.


In the meantime why don't you take a shirt of your's (preferably a wron one) and rub it all over your new puppy, and then leave the shirt under your cat's food dish to get her used to your new pup's smell.


This will help your cat Liberty, get comfortable with the pup's scent.


Saw this on Animal Planet.

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