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im a proud mom.....Lecky got her CGN!

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our first try going for it, and she passed with flying colours! in fact she was the only dog that didn't move a muscle during the 3 minute stay with me out of sight. even I was surprised, I put her in a down, said "stay" and walked away, 3 minutes later when I came back, she hadn't moved, and the tester said she was the only dog she tested today that didn't move a muscle. the tester said that at about to minutes, Leck whimpered a little, then was like "eh whatever, moms not commin back, I'm yours now" :D she did good on her greet friendly stranger, accepting petting from stranger, being groomed by stranger, her 20 ft stay, her 10 ft recall. she even did great on her passing through a doorway test!(much to my suprise, I send my dogs ahead of me on purpose, as its easier for me to keep track of who is where, when I am behind them). the get exited then calm her down test....that was tricky because she had no desire to get exited lol she just wanted to sniff everywhere! she passed anyway. then came the outside exersizes. she did ok on her normal leash waling, though I had to practicly be on the ground with her to keep her attention lol(she thought the pylons were MUCH too cool) but the leash didnt tighten, so she was counted as a pass. then walking through a crowd, she had problems with that, and it was a barly pass lol but because the rules said that a non pass on that test is like straining on the lead, and jumping up, and handler unable to control, she was counted as a pass, she was all over the place and at the end of the lead,but she she didnt strain, jump up, or pull me off my feet lol. then the walking through a crowd with distractions, she did great...everyone thought it was quite funny that Leck had more interest in plain people then she had in bikes, walkers, strollers, funny hats, canes etc... :rolleyes:. the there was the friendly dog test, which she passed as well...she could not have cared less about the other dog....the pylon behind the other dog was a differnt story....



Lecky is now.... KDs Storm Warnin4 Tollchester CGN :D

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