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CFL Bulb Broke

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Last night my husband decided it was sporting to throw a lamp that had a CFL bulb in it and it broke. Of course all of the dogs were within 3 feet of the thing.


We followed the EPA guidelines for cleanup. I removed the dogs from the room and we opened the windows. They stayed open all night.


After 15 minutes, he swept up the pieces and double bagged them and got them outside. I went over that area of the carpet with paper towels.


This morning I put down duct tape to try to get up more of the shards and mercury.


Have any of you ever had one of these bulbs break near your pets? Were they OK afterward?


I'm concerned about the effects of the mercury.

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Kristine, I'd check with Poison Control. I've always just used the human one, it's free, and I've gotten good information. It's 1 800 222 1222. Another number I just found is the National Response Center, (chemical, toxic and oil spills) 1-800 424 8802.


Good luck, I'm sure you'll get what you need, and I hope everyone is ok.


Ruth n the BC3

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