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I did it with my JRT. My BCs are too gun shy. It was not a difficult thing to do, as long as your dog is not startled by loud noises. Do you know what the test includes? (don't know if they are all the same) Forgive me if I tell you and you already know! lol Maybe it will give you some practice ideas.


Chain rattle in a metal bucket

Gun shot

person opening an umbrella, dog then has to touch umbrella

met by stranger

walk over plastic tarp

charging man waving a stick

barking dog

walk through a crowd

dog left tethered, you out of site

lady with walker/wheelchair.


Can't remember if someone touched his feet or not. I don't know why that rings a bell.

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The test itself is fairly simple and straightforward. You just need to make sure that your dog can handle all the elements with a variety of people in a variety of situations. If you haven't trained/proofed for something, it will probably pop up on test day - Murphy's law at work. Just get a copy of the test and start working on everything anywhere you can. If she's doing it great everywhere you practice, she'll probably do great on test day, too!


Missy passed on her first try after 18 weeks of obedience classes at the building where we took the test. If it had been at a brand new location, I'm not sure she would have passed on the first try. Kipp is still not to the point where he would pass one - he goes a bit nutty around strange dogs, and is not so sure of himself in new environments.


Good luck!


ETA - The test I did with Missy did not have all those "startling" things. I think someone dropped a metal chair on the ground for the loud noise. As for the other dog, it was just a friendly, but very neutral dog that we had to walk up to than away from with my dog remaining friendly or neutral. We did have someone brush the dog, then pick up its front feet - easy if your dog will "shake" on command.

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Electra is going for her CGN on saturday, the tests are differnt from the CGC though lol lets see:


Friendly Stranger-dog has to sit quitly while starnger apporoches, shakes hands with owner, and leaves


Friendly stranger with dog-similer to friendly stranger test, but the starnger has a dog lol


walk through a crowd


walk through a funky crowd(people carrying stuff, making odd noises etc..)


walk through gate or doorway(dog cant barge ahead)


walk nice on a leash


sit, down, then a sit or down stay


come when called


stranger petting dog


grooming- letting stanger groom, examine ears and feet, then walk behind dog and handler


left with stranger out of sight


something else I cant remeber lol

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Or did I do temperment testing? Hmmm, I know I did two, one at the school, and one away. Thought one was put on, and recognized by AKC. Someone help me think! I am getting old! Is there one called temperment testing?

Sorry to lose my mind on your post! I do know however, for both tests, the instructors/judges are very kind. It isn't very strict. I mean you have to do it right, but it isn't like going in the show ring dotting your "i"s and crossing your "t"s.

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Did it with my 4 original BCs and never sent in the paperwork. I just couldn't bring myself to send money to the AKC. All my dogs passed the first time. If your dog is moderately obedient and is trustworthy in public it should pass. One of my dogs did an imitation of a wolf during the out of sight stay and he still passed because he didn't move until I came back and gave him a release command.

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To get the CGC, you're tested on 10 things. They are:


1-Accepting a friendly stranger

Evaluator approaches, shakes hands with handler. Does not touch dog.


2-Sitting politely for petting

Evaluator pets dog, dog must show no shyness or resentment.


3-Appearance and grooming

Evaluator inspects dog, combs or brushes lightly, examines ears & each front foot.


4-Out for a walk

Handler takes dog for a short walk including right turn, left turn, about turn and stop.


5-Walking throught a crowd.

Dog and handler walk close to several people; dog may show casual interest but not jump up.


6-Sit and down on command/Staying in place.

Handler shows dog can do sit and down, then chooses a position, leaves dog and goes to the end of a 20 ft line and returns immediately.


7-Coming when called

With dog still on 20 ft line from Test 6, handler walks out 10 ft and calls the dog.


8-Reaction to another dog

Two handlers and dogs approach, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, move on. Dogs can show casual interest.


9-Reaction to distractions

Distractions are presented; dog may not panic or show aggression.


10-Supervised Separation

Handler goes out of sight for 3 min. Dog is held on 6 ft leash by an evaluator.


*To pass the CGC test and receive a certificate, dogs must pass all 10 items of the test.

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All our dogs have passed the CGC test, including the Border Collies. The test that ErinKate describes is something else entirely, not the CGC. I believe it is a temperament evaluation of some kind. All CGC tests should be the same. I am a former CGC evaluator, and also taught classes to prepare for the CGC test at my training club. I am going from memory here, as I didn't keep all my materials, but the test includes the following:


Loose lead walking, normal, slow and fast speeds, with a halt, a left turn, an about turn, and a right turn.

Meet and greet a strange person with a dog. Your dog must sit or stand politely at your side and not insist on greeting the other dog.

Heel on a loose lead through a milling crowd, which will include some of the following: a wheelchair, bicycle, children, a jogger, someone walking with a cane, a stroller or baby carriage. At least one stop in the midst of the crowd.

A recall

A sit

A down

A short stay

Allow a stranger to handle the dog including lifting a paw, looking in an ear, stroking - the dog must sit politely during this exam and not jump on the examiner.

A three minute separation in which the dog cannot see you - a stranger will hold your dog on lead while you leave the room. The dog cannot pace and whine, jump on the examiner or become fearful. If the dog is fearful this part of the test should be aborted, as the purpose is not to cause the dog any stress. The dog should sit, stand, or lie down in a relaxed manner during the three minutes.


It is an informal test, not at all like an obedience trial ring. I will be assisting at a CGC test this Thursday evening, so if I've forgotten anything I will post again, and if you have any specific questions, I'll try to answer them. Oh, and if a dog growls or attempts to bite anyone it is an automatic fail.


Kathy Robbins

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Whew! With all that said, JJ passed his on the first try. If you know where the test is going to be held, get there early and practice what you can. Just before the test starts, take him/her out to potty.


JJ almost didn't pass because of #4. He kept walking in front of me and facing me. Then it dawned on me, he had to use the restroom. When I realized what he was trying to tell me, I told the instructor he had to use the bathroom. She told me to go ahead and take him out and we can try it again at the end of the test. He executed it perfectly.


The most important piece of info I can tell you is to relax. It won't be the end of the world if they don't pass the first time. If you can, try to go and watch a test being given before hand to give you an idea what it's about.

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Solo and I took an obedience class geared toward taking the CGC test at the end of the session. The price of the CGC test was included in tuition.


Solo passed on his first try and received the best evaluation in his class. Afterwards, the evaluator asked me if I was interested in doing therapy work with him since he did such a good job.


This tells me that ANY dog can pass the CGC given enough work. We trained our asses off for that test.

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