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Finals running order


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I know when I went to Sturgis in 2005, it was extremely tight trying to run 50 dogs a day, hence the subsequent discussion about dropping the number of dogs allowed to enter the finals. My best guess is that they would run 20 or so dogs, but it really is just a guess. Even 15 would give a good savings for each of the remaining three days, since they'd have to get through just 45 dogs a day. Would Francis or Hub have the answer? My first run is at 70th, so whether I run late Wed. or first thing Thurs. really depends on how many dogs they get through on Tuesday....



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Seems like we got 20 some-odd run on the Tuesday in 2006....maybe 25? I was busy with other duties, but I'm sure someone will remember exactly. It was nice to finish up early on Friday, as we were then able to run the Nursery Finals on the Open course and still have time to reset the course for Saturday in the daylight.

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