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  1. He uses mostly finger whistling but discusses both finger and mechanical whistles. It doesn't teach you how to whistle but gives you examples of several sets of whistles and their variations.
  2. We have a new DVD and/or CD on whistling available. It is Welcome to Whistling with Derek Fisher. Hear and see in action Derek's clear and concise whistles, how to choose which whistles to use, the importance of variations in your whistles and better communicating through whistles. You can purchase these on our website at www.bcollies.com/videos.htm, through Derek directly, through Border Collies in Action or they will be available at Meeker and the Sheepdog Finals.
  3. Congrats to all who made it on the team! I was especially excited to see Derek Scrimgeour's Fleece up there again as I am her breeder. Always fun to get your dogs in such expert hands to see what they can do!
  4. Just thought I would bump up this topic in case anyone was still interested in DVDs from the 2012 National Sheepdog Finals in Klamath Falls, Oregon. You can order them at http://www.bcollies.com/videos.htm . You can order all or part of the event or even individual runs from the Open. Great Christmas Gifts!
  5. The last of the pre ordered 2012 National Finals DVDs have just been mailed. If you did not pre order, you can still purchase them by going to http://www.bcollies.com/videos.htm . They make a great Christmas gift, whether for yourself or for a friend!
  6. You can mail a check to: Geri Byrne 3701 County Road 114 Tulelake, CA 96134 Thanks
  7. The DVDs from the preliminaries we filmed ourselves and I have just finished editing those. Ellen Skillings did the filming and did a good job of putting everything in perspective. The semi finals and the finals is the footage from the webcast company (minus the interviews) and are pretty easy to follow. The DVDs should be shipping in the next week to 10 days. The income from the DVDs will make a big difference in the discussion over whether the USBCHA will be able to afford future years of webcast.
  8. Although not part of the USBCHA discussion on cattledog sanctioning, I agree with Mark that the ABCA issue should also be discussed as the NCA states that they hope to get ABCA money. I do not think that an organization that does not use the word Border Collie anywhere in their bylaws or on their web page should be singled out by the ABCA with major contributions, especially to the tune of how the ABCA has been supporting the cattledog program within the USBCHA. If down the road, this organization flourishes, is promoting the Border Collie (not the generic term cattledog) adds Border Collie to their bylaws, then that is a different issue. There are quite a few cattledog organizations across the country who do not receive this benefit and as a lifetime member of the ABCA, I would ask that my directors think long and hard before committing finances to a new organization which may or may not be successful and may or may not promote and foster in North America the breeding, training and distribution of reliable working Border ColliesCollie as in their mission statement.
  9. VIP Dog Sponsorship for the 2012 National Sheepdog Finals is now available for purchase on our website at http://sheepdogfinals.org/wordpress1/sponsors/ . Only one sponsorship will be sold per dog so be sure and purchase early to get your dream team! Geri Byrne 2012 National Sheepdog Finals Klamath Falls, Oregon Sept 25-30, 2012 541-891-7518 geri@bcollies.com www.sheepdogfinals.org
  10. That's correct, Kathy and I have found it makes a big difference. Geri
  11. I agree with Lana. Energy Edge is an amazing product! I do what Lana says and I know Lana and I both feed a high quality food with NO grain and add fat to their food. This helps build up their endurance and heat tolerance. That said, if the temp is too high and my dog is too hot, I will retire during a run. It's only a dog trial!!! I think the USBCHA guidelines for having a tub of water on the course during hot weather is a must.
  12. We have had a couple of last minute cancellations for the Derek Scrimgeour clinics we are having next week here in northern California. The first clinic is May 1-3 and the second clinic is May 7-9. For more info please see my web page at www.bcollies.com and click on clinics.
  13. An opportunity to work one on one with International Supreme Champion & 10 time US National Finals Champion, Alasdair MacRae. This clinic is designed expressly for the experienced handler looking to improve a specific trialing or training skill. In addition to the clinic work this clinic is often able to provide a measurable, goal driven exercise that you can replicate at home. August 14-15, 2010 Clinic August 16th Private lessons Tulelake, CA More info please email Geri Byrne at geri@bcollies.com or see web page at www.bcollies.com
  14. Try a different browser. Sometimes that helps.
  15. We are having two great dog training clinicians here in 2010. Derek Scrimgeour will be here in early May and Jack Knox will be here in early June. For more info and entry forms, please see my web page at http://www.bcollies.com/clinics.htm
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