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Disk Dogs - Skyhoundz, etc.- how to get involved?

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Our great agility trainer is on temporary hold while trying to find a new facility for her classes. We had finished Beginner Agility early this summer, and I thought it may be fun for my 12-year old daughter and Cody to get involved with disks. However, when I went to the Skyhoundz site, there is no info about how to find local contacts.


We live outside Charlotte, NC.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I got this info off of the IDDHA disc dog site. They are probably knowledgable about skyhoundz events in your area as well. My geography is probably way off, but they might know something else in your area if they are too far away.



Triad Dog Sports & Training

7607 Penns Grove Road

Summerfield, NC 27358

(336) 643-0766

Contact: Leerie Jenkins

Web: http://www.greensboro.com/flydog

Email: leerie@earthlink.net


And on the skyhounz local championship page they had this website as well: http://aircanine.com/



I'm going away with my disc dog group next weekend. I'll ask and see if they know anyone in your area. jackson and I just joined up in April and we are having a blast!!! I hope you can find a group near-by and get involved. I showed up at a competition just for fun sans dog. They convinced us to bring our dogs and once we showed up again they put a registration form in our hand and voila, Jackson competed for the first time. We were hooked after that.


Hope this helps.

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