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OT- please speak up for dog dragged to death

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I know from my time on this board that you all are a fierce and vocal bunch, so I come to you for support in gaining a 1st Degree Felony Animal Cruelty conviction in the Washington State dragging death of Chewie the dog. I am posting this awful story in an effort to generate emails from anywhere and everywhere speaking out against cruelty. In speaking to the prosecuting attorney, she mentioned another cruelty case she is prosecuting where she has rec'd emails from all over the world decrying the cruelty and demanding a stiff sentence in that case. She indicated that international outrage carries significant weight in cases like this. Would BCboarders be able/willing to dash off some emails in support of a 1st Degree Felony Animal Cruelty conviction in the dragging death of Chewie the dog?

For details about the case go here


and click on the link titled "another cruelty case goes to court" just under the pic of Louise the pig.


You can address your email to Deputy Prosecutor Debra Eurich at eurichd@co.thurston.wa.us


Thank you. Chewie was not a Border Collie, but I'm sure that doesn't matter to you.



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I absolutley agree with you...I don't know how to "bump this post up", but if someone else does, please do so.

This needs to garner much outrage!!!!!! :mad:

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Thank you for responding JoeAnne, I went to demonstrate at the courthouse today and to witness the arraignment and the defendant was a no show. Now there is a warrant out for his arrest. Still, emails demanding justice can be of benefit when this does go to trial. Those of us who did show up were interviewed by several news stations and papers, so it did good. Hopefully someone will tip off his whereabouts and he will go to jail.


I have been just sick about this-as a passenger being driven on the road where Chewie was dragged, I have to close my eyes, but even then, I can't erase it from my mind's eye. It is especially painful because I work for a non-profit that helps people find and afford medical care for animals who need it. He didn't even try to help that dog. He didn't give Chewie or us or Animal Services or ANYBODY a chance to help. God I want him punished.

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I'm ashamed to say that I moved here to WA last year. I see alot of abuse here, compared to the East Coast. It is horrible.


I'm so glad to see they are pushing for justice on this.

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