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THE BIG 6-0!


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Gee, Laura.... don't know where you got the idea I am 6-0!!!!!! Fact is, I've been 6-3 since my teens, not really tall enough to be a NBA candidate, but was and am still the tallest guy in my family!


uhhhhhhhhhh.... what was I going to talk about????????


is the the place I go to find out what my assignments are for next week????



had a wild time last night, fell asleep during one of the 547 clones of America's Got Talent, woke up to let the dawgs out and then remembered that Marti had brought some gourmet cupcakes home from FoodLion, but didn't want to eat anything that late... so, maybe I'll have my Happy B-day cupcake for lunch... what a parrrrrty!!!!


Thanks for all the good wishes... do want one special gift --- would SOMBODY PUHLEEEEEZE have a trial somehwere nearby -- there's nothing on the calendar 'til Edgeworth in October!!!!



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Last time I checked it wasn't on the schedule... your question prompted me to check again and there it was, August 25-26!


Love being wrong!



Yeah, I knew it wasn't on the USBCHA list last I checked, but I just assumed it was happening. Don't forget Dwight's trial in a couple of weeks, though it ain't exactly close! (I'm not going--we have the fencing project to work on, but just thought I'd remind you in case you had forgotten and wanted to go.)



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Man the wild parties kinda went downhill after I left, eh? I think I celebrated your bday more last night than you did! and no I'm not telling, but we had fun for ya! heh heh


And you know you're only 6-3 with your platform shoes on! :rolleyes:

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