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  1. Honestly...for pete's sake. I'm watching the second episode and there that is ATV with a dog gripped to the back of it for dear life while the bull is running all over the place. Yet that dog appears glued on the back of the ATV. You weren't kidding, Mark! I'll watch because it is interesting.
  2. Julie - I saw that you can watch full episodes online of a lot of Animal Plantet shows. You might want to check into that.
  3. Cool! I just set my DVR! I think my husband might even watch this with me!
  4. Hope you all have fun next weekend!!! I will be leaving for PA a week from today so I won't be able to make it. I really was hoping to get out and do some dog stuff for a change but I'll have to catch you all another time.
  5. Pretty funny I see this now...we bought it a while back for like $5 and watched it on Monday. I thought it was cute and think Gwyn will appreciate it more when she gets older!
  6. Becca & Crew - I'm in for an outing! I can again make deviled eggs and something else yummy! I know this is a lot later in the year but given that it was so stinking hot last year, would it be better to maybe plan something in September??? Just a thought but not be feasible. Rachel
  7. Maizy


    Sue - I sent you a private message...but wanted to express again how sorry I am for your loss. I remember that clinic that Laura posted a picture from. I also remember the Jack Knox clinic in Maryland (?) not long after that where I got to spend more time with you, Celt, and Bute. My heart aches for your loss. Rachel
  8. I'm doing well Sue and so is Gwyn. Thanks for asking. She is very easy going but wasn't so for the first 2 1/2 months when she had terrible colic...cried all the time, not just the 4 hour periods you hear about most with colic. As for the food...I'm glad you posted that link, Mary, as I may try a new food next time. It does smell cheap. I don't want the dogs gaining weight either, like Bill said, and they only eat 1 cup daily as it is...which if I cut back any further we would have additional problems with Tess. So after this bag, I'm trying something new.
  9. Sue - Keegan has no problem with the new formula. He likes it and hasn't had any side effects which if I thought any dog would have...it would have been him. Tess has been throwing up bile a lot lately and I'm not sure if it is the dog food or not. We started feeding her more through out the day and the vomiting seems to have stopped. So it could be either empty stomach for her and/or a combination of the new formula. However, she too likes the taste and doesn't have a problem eating it. I guess only time will tell, but I may try to find a different food after we are through with this ba
  10. Oh my gosh...I'm glad he is doing better. How is he today? Good to know these things though, I just hate that it had to happen to poor Loki.
  11. Laura - He looks good. Thanks for posting!!! I can't wait to see you again, hopefully soon and I can see Linc in action and of course Nicky Noodle too!!!
  12. I've heard of BC's rearranging your house, but this sounds a little excessive. It also sounds dangerous to him so I would try anyway you can to keep him crated even if it means putting something heave in front of the door of his crate so he can't manage to get out yet doesn't block air getting in. Probably the worst thing Keegan ever did when he was a puppy and I left he out of the crate when I went to work and DH was still asleep was degut one of those beanie baby like things...it was a BC and it has all these little beans in it...they were everywhere. Tessie was pretty good...sh
  13. RockinRick - Makes you wonder, huh. Diane - I feel ya...I tried to play a tune for my husband and he said "what was that supposed to be" and I told him (can't remember now) and he said...."there was no variation in your tone". Alas, I was back to the drawing board...and I really thought I had it!!!! I still can't get anything other than one tone out of it so I need to start practicing again.
  14. Julie - thanks for that info and website. Very good. I was feeding both Tess and Keegan 1 cups twice daily of Canidae. They were getting a little chunky so they are on a diet. I had a baby recently so we were all a little less active. So now they eat 1/2 cup twice daily of Canidae. Their stools are fine.
  15. Cheri - I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad that Buddy had a great family to spend his last years with!!!
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