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Removing Grease(?) from BC Fur

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We just returned from a two week trip without the canine critters (which sucked, I must say - but 102 degree temps and a lot of musuems and non-dog friendly activities are not compatible). The dog sitter took pretty good care of the pups, but for some reason Rusty must have spent a fair amount of time under our parked car in the back yard as his normally red and white head/ears are covered with grease or oil. :D We gave him a bath with a good shampoo, but his cute little ears are still black. Any suggestions for removing the grease?


(The sitter also decided, for some reason, to buy a large bag of Purina crunchie-chow -- I had a full container of Blue Buffalo/Canidae -- and both dogs are looking kind of chunky at the moment. I guess they didn't eat very well for the first few days we were gone so he decided that they didn't like their food. :rolleyes: Oh boy, junk food!)

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Dawn dish detergent. That's what our vet suggested when Maddie rolled in home heating oil. It took two washes with Dawn and then another with dog shampoo to get the smell completely out, but it worked.


She had dandruff afterward, but I don't know that there is anything that will take grease out of fur that won't dry the skin out temporarily.

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Poor Rusty! :D


Yeah, Kristine is right: Dawn dish detergent : remember how they cleaned up all those penguins when they had that massive oil spil?!


Sounds like your pups got spoilled with yummy crappy food while you were gone. Well, since they got left behind while the rest of the family was in vacation (where did you go, by the way? :rolleyes: ), they had something to make them feel like they were naughty !

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