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Yesterday I came home today to find that DH decided not to crate Zoey when he left. She is 18 months old now and we are trying to give her some more freedom. He left her limited access. I just took her out to poop and there was a small amount red fabric in it. I came in and hunted for the source. She chewed a corner of the fleece blanket that is on her pet canopy bed. The amount she ingested is slightly less than a 4x6 photo. She shows not signs of distress. And has passed a little bit of it tonight. She loves anything cotton, but had been getting better, but she will eat socks, underwear, boxers, towels, etc. She typically chews them in small pieces. Please tell me she will be okay. I realize I need to watch for vomitting, etc. Any other tips?



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Well, when my Grendel was a pup my husband had multiple (and I mean multiple) pairs of 1 white sock and 1 brown sock. I asked him and asked him to pick up his socks, and finally just started throwing the socks in the wash and putting them back in his drawer. Good news is Gren never obstructed on socks. What he DID obstruct from was a piece of latex toy (one of those nubby ones) that was about 1"X1". When they removed it from is intestine, it was wrapped with hair! I think Zoey will be OK.



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For the future... Is there something she hates the flavor of that you can spray on the things she wants to eat?


People always say leave a Kong or whatever, but if your dog is like mine, you have to leave something like 10 Kongs to entertain them that whole time we're out for dinner or whatever. :rolleyes:


I just put my dogs in crates when we leave the house. It's wonderful for a dog to be trustworthy in the house when you are out, but there is no shame in using a crate if that is what works best for your situation.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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All 4 of my dogs have a love of cloth. My acd is the worst and has eaten many many pairs of undies and other unmentionables :rolleyes:


They have all passed the stuff without issue. We do try to keep the "targets" away from them but it still happens periodically.


Just keep Zoey crated when you are not there. Some dogs take years before they can trusted, some can never be trusted and some can always be trusted. It sounds like Zoey is not ready for freedom.

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Let's see: shoes, carpet around air duct, carpet by foyer, and two window sills. One time he chewed off the laces from a pair of shoes in less than 20 seconds. The laces were still tied up after he chewed them off. As much as I love this dog, the crate has saved his life and my sanity. Just when you think you can trust Ruger he chews up something else.


Our Springer could not be trusted until she was around two. However, all she chewed up was newspapers and pulled the trash out of the trash cans in the bathrooms. All of that was worthless but carpet is expensive.


We did not purchase a crate until we got Ruger. You could lock Casey up in a room and she was just fine. I have read about Borders eating through sheetrock. Sometimes living with a Border Collie is like inviting the Tazmanian Devil from the Bugs Bunny cartoons to come live with you.

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