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  1. I have always gone to the dog park with frisbees. Since Ruger is totally obsessed, he wants no interaction with other dogs. At first, the other dogs may try to chase him or steal the frisbee but then he will eventually give them a growl or snap. After that, he is left alone. For the most part, I will say he is mostly a people dog or at least work obsessed. He is also not very friendly to strays wandering in the yard. I would probably give him a D+ in playing well with others.
  2. I know it is possible, but I was never very successful having Ruger on stay and me leave him and go out of sight. I worked on this at one time but gave up on it. I think it goes against their nature. They are supposed to watch over the flock not let it go out of sight. In my case, I am his flock. Some things come easy, other tricks or commands take more time. The key is patience. I believe these guys can learn just about anything you want them to.
  3. Ruger is 3 years old and he still pulls. Our Springer is perfect on a walk and I walk both at the same time. Ruger pulls and Casey is right there at my side. I use a prong collar on Ruger and it helps. On his regular collar he is horrible. If I absolutely wear him out before a walk he is much better. I know Cesar does this. A girl that used to work at Pet Smart told me she used prong collars on her Border Collies. She was really knowledgable in training and did some competition with her dogs. That made me feel much better. I don't get upset like I used to these days. He may not be able to compete in AKC obedience but he's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and can snatch a frisbee out of the upper atmosphere in a single bound. Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, No, it's my OCD dog just catching another one of them dang UFOs.
  4. Here is an answer from a completely different perspective. Ruger free feeds. I give him a bowl of food in the morning and one in the evening. I am feeding him about 1.5 cups per feeding. Sometimes he brings his bowl to me in the evenings and he gets more food. There are days he may eat just one bowl and I put it up at night to keep Pukeface, the bulimic fat cat, out of the food. Ruger is in wonderful shape by the way.
  5. Great advice. I still take Ruger every place I can. The more people he meets the better dog he is. I cannot over emphasize that training needs to be done as well. Four months is plenty old enough to learn sit, stay and heel. Walks are also one of the best ways to socialize a dog and emphasize discipline while have a great time with the new pup.
  6. Go to http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/03/...a-morell-text/4 This link showed up earlier in the year when the magazine came out with a Border Collie on the cover. Most of us are scratching the surface of what our dogs are capable of.
  7. I wonder if it is the intelligence of the breed that makes them so skiddish. Maybe they think too much. Ruger was afraid of just about everything when we first got him. He was afraid of small kids, kids playing basketball, cars, bikes, strangers. Just name it. I took the sympathetic dad approach and just assured him everything was alright. I took him everyplace I could to get him accustomed to other people and different activities. He still hates fireworks and motorcycles. I can live with that. Good luck. Patience and time will take care of most ills.
  8. Ruger is pretty good about barking and I usually don't have to correct him now. I do not allow him to bark at neighbors, kids, bike riders, etc. This was never allowed. He still occasionally does a low growl at kids and I put a stop to that. I do not discourage warning barks. When he really sees a threat he goes into a high pitch bark. I always check those out. He is very yard protective which explains some of his growls or barks. I have a love hate relationship with that behavior. He is a fair watch dog. His happy bark is more of a rooooo. I worked with him to say his name off this funny sound.
  9. When I first picked Ruger up he peed on me. It was love at his first accident. I think he was between 6 and 9 months when he stopped. Nowadays he pees on every spot in our yard where one of the other dogs has gone. Simply amazing bladder control. Kind of like a faucet.
  10. One trick done by some people is to first place the droppings in a paper sack, put the sack on the porch of your least favorite neighbor, light the bag on fire, ring the doorbell and then run. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.
  11. On the weekends I end up with 4 dogs. Ruger my Border, Casey our Springer, BC/ACD mix, and a Chihuahua. Ruger is the only male. Our Springer and the BC/ACD both suffer with incontinence. Casey is on medication which works. They are both female as well. The Springer is the oldest and is the top dog. Nobody messes with her or her food. She will eat the other dogs food if she wants as well. You don't mess with the boss. The Chihuahua is just plain nuts but I love her. She is the ultimate lap dog unless she is exercising her authority over the other dogs, except Case. I would never buy anything but a Border but the Chihuahua is a neat dog in her own way. Ruger is just plain happy go lucky. If another dog eats his food, big deal. He has a frisbee which satisfies every desire. Take his frisbee, he goes and finds another one. However, don't come in his yard univited. Moral of the story, my next BC will be male.
  12. Wnenever I have been nipped or bit by Ruger it is my fault. There are a few easy ways to bring this about. First, intentionally running away from him. This is from the herding instinct. Horsing around with him will bring it out as well. Ruger is extremely rough mouthed and is not fun to play any biting games. I have found if he has a frisbee in his mouth we can act like idiots and he won't hurt me. If I am playing with the other dogs, he gets a frisbee before we start anything. Kind of weird but it works. That being said, you still need to teach your dog to react to a stern NO. Having to run for whatever reason and then getting bit is not to be tolerated, instinct or not. I taught Ruger how to stop and lie down with hand signals. I will give him the stop sign if need be.
  13. Here are my two cents: 1. I hate rough housing with Ruger. He bites hard and gets wound up quick. He is about the worst dog I have been around for this. The solution to this behavior is DON'T PUT UP WITH IT. Playing with a tug is great fun and a way to burn off some energy without being bitten. 2. If I run away from Ruger he will go after me. It has to be the herding instinct. The solution to this is don't turn away. I have holes in some jeans from goofing around with Ruger. I will intentionly let him go one way and I will go the other. He hates it and tries to drag me back to him. I just tell him okay and not run away. He calms down and everything is alright. Border Collies seem to be a lot rougher than bird dogs. They have to be able to fetch live stock not dead small game. For us non-sheep herders we need to channel this energy into other ways. Remember, time and patience. Good luck.
  14. A crate is an absolute must for every Border Collie that is living inside. It will be the second home until your dog can be trusted. Throwing the potty party is great advice. From what I have seen of others and my own experience, 3 months is about the magic age for being fully house trained. Good luck and keep patient.
  15. I don't have this problem at all. Ruger only chases frisbees and balls. Flies and bugs are not on his list of play things.
  16. I really enjoyed Kate and Gin's routine. They were almost as good as Gladitor Dog. You have to really have to have a strong bond with your dog to put together those kind of routines.
  17. I got beat up over this topic during the winter. I use extreme caution in the summer. Ruger is two different dogs during the seasons. During the fall and winter, you can't stop him. When it gets humid or hot, WATCH OUT. A full time ranch dog is probably use to the weather conditions. Sheep are not going to be herded constantly either. Remember, these dogs were bred in Wales and Scotland. I doubt the weather is much like Montgomery, Alabama in the summer. 80 degrees could be miserable there and 20 degrees was some of the most bone chilling hunting I have ever done. I think working the family dog should be like this. Can you put on a fur coat and comfortably run? If not, play it cool.
  18. I believe the cup used in the video was plastic. That only makes sense due to possible breakage. At first I thought it was a shot glass. He does use cans of soda in the other video. The stick was used to guide her down the steps when she got off line.
  19. I watched the whole video and another one where Sweet Pea is performing in front of a bunch of kids. Hey, we all do different things with our dogs. If you watch the other video, the owner really cares for the dog. I was impressed with all the padding he provided for the jumps and tricks. This kind of reminds me of the debates over us non-sheep workers.
  20. I have to practically force Ruger to eat. He doesn't coutersurf, he just hunts for frisbees. I can leave food around and he will not eat it. I think that is mostly the training. Now my daughter-in-laws chihuahua will steal food right in front of me.
  21. I learned something off this thread. I got Ruger when he was 3 months. He lived outside in a kennel during those months. I believe he was fully housetrained in a couple of weeks. The first few days were a chore but he just started getting better and better. I think we purchased his crate around that time as well. It's interesting that 3 months is the magic number. Another point, three months is just about the right time to start basic training. It's that time to break out the leash and give about a 10 minute a day lesson on sit, short stay and heel. I am almost positive by 4 months Ruger was housebroken completely, could heel (he still pulls some), sit and return a frisbee. Do I not miss those days. Border Collie pups can be evil and maniacal chewing machines. If you think doing their business inside is bad, wait until Cali eats your carpet among other things.
  22. http://www.wpxi.com/news/16199037/detail.html I originally found this article on Fox News. I hope they find the person that did this.
  23. First off, Border Collie pups can be horrible. All you have to do is google "border collie horror stories". That being said, dogs are like raising very sensitive kids in most cases. You would not let a one year old have free reign of the house. Both take constant supervision and lots of patience. Dogs don't need to be beat either, verbal correction really works. Getting angry and frustrated is normal but you need to watch it. These dogs are looking for you to be their leader and constant companion. Their world revolves around YOU. Don't mess that relationship up with your temper tantrams. How do you deal with the dogs. Crate them when you are gone. Watch them constantly until they are house broke and crate them when you can't keep an eye on them. The pups will eat your house if they are not in eye sight. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Start simple obedience training now. Walk the dogs daily. Once you start doing that, then I have one question. How can you be mad at your best friends????
  24. Wecome to the world of obsessive compulsive dogs. Those pretty blue eyes say one thing, what can I get into next. You are going to find many many differences between the Chihauhaus and your Border. If you haven't done so, go to youtube.com and do a search on Border Collies. You will see the many directions you can take off on training Ugla.
  25. I am one of those softys too. Our dogs always started up in our room in a crate or tied next to the bed. This was done until they could be trusted. Now one sleeps on the floor and the other with me. Dogs are indeed pack animals and should be treated like one of the family. On the weekends I have my son and daughter-in-laws dogs. They are kept crated at night. I don't trust them and three dogs on the bed is a little too much. However, when I first started keeping them I crated them downstairs. They hated it and made a bunch of racket. Now they are in the room with me. They are much better behaved and I don't hear a peep out of them at night any longer. It took a little work and a few "shutups" but it was worth it.
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