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So I am sitting here at work watching animal planets Ultimate Dog Challenge. First it makes me smile since the announcers try to be like the EPSN crew...hehe


But I was wondering if anyone from this board has been on the show...? I have seen the agility trails, and flyball was on today.


Anyone famous here??

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I haven't by any means been to the UDC. If I remember right, I think you had to go through the AKC to qualify - but maybe it was USDAA I don't remember.


Lots of the big-name agility people go I believe. People on the USA world team. :rolleyes:

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In the past, you had to be invited, not qualified.

Yeah...I *think* that it was they looked at people that had so many points and accomplishments though. :rolleyes: Thats what I read anyway when I looked it up I think.

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