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Here are a few pics from Hop Bottom. I'm not sure I've got all the captions right, so anyone who knows is welcome to jump in and correct me.


Mary Brighoff's Lance (?)...Mary's Val x Mark/Renee's Peg? Thursday




Walt Jagger's Gem on the drive, Thursday P/N.





Michael Heasley's Tait on the drive, Thursday P/N.




This spotted sheep had challenged nearly all the dogs Thursday and Friday. I think this is one of Anne DeVine's dogs. S/he finally stood it down, but if I recall correctly, they timed out.




John Clemmer's Gail through the drive panels, Friday P/N.


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Cheryl Williams's Toby at the shedding ring, Saturday Open.





Michelle Brothers's Roy, after the turn at the post, I think. Saturday Open.




I don't remember who this is, but under the tent we were admiring the floral hat effect caused by the hander standing at just the right angle between us and the post, which had flowers on top of it.




The bridge (Tunkhannock Viaduct) at Nicholson, about 5 minutes south of Hop Bottom.


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